Accessing Tutoring

Tutoring is accessed by making an appointment with the Academic Success Centre (ASC).  Appointments can be booked by visiting us in room 5-139G in the Learning Commons on the first floor of the UNBC library, phoning (250-960-6367), or emailing ( You can also use this online form to request an appointment. All of our tutoring services are absolutely FREE for UNBC students.

You can book up to one hour of tutoring per week, per subject (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Commerce, or Writing), and appointments are usually booked for either 30 or 60 minutes. The ASC has private tutoring rooms with whiteboards and computers, or we can facilitate an online meeting via videochat. We have some reference textbooks, but it's best to bring your own class materials to ensure you and your tutor have everything you need.

You can book appointments well in advance, so it is worthwhile to book early!  Tutoring time slots fill up fast, especially when there is an exam or paper due soon. In the case of writing tutoring, you should ensure to allow enough time to make revisions after your tutoring session, as the tutor will not be making any direct changes or edits to your work.

But I just have a quick question...

Check out the drop-in tutoring options!  Drop-in for math/physics/stats takes place at MACE (room 10-2088), while drop-in for writing takes place on the in the Learning Commons.

There's also a chance that your question is covered by one of our self-help options right here on this website - check out the handouts: Writing, Math/Physics, Study skills

What if I no longer need my appointment, or I miss my appointment?

The ASC's services are very busy and many students are trying to access tutoring.  We request that you give us notice at least 24-hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment, to ensure that other students have a chance to take the time slot.

Failing to attend your tutoring appointment without adequate notice results in a no-show on your record.  After two no-shows, three short-notice cancellations, or a combination thereof, you are at risk of incurring enforcement of our no-show policy, which might restrict your ability to book tutoring appointments, or potentially restrict you to drop-in tutoring help only.