Computer Literacy

ASC tutors can help you navigate the software and technology you need to utilize for your courses, including Moodle, the Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.), and more. You can now book Tech Troubleshooting as you would any other ASC tutoring appointment! Contact 250-960-6367 or for appointment times.

For help with R software and other analysis, check out the Applied Analysis Hub:

For computer issues, such as a network access and software problems, please contact the Computer Help Desk.  For issues with Moodle, please review the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology's FAQ site.

The Applied Analysis Hub (AAH)

Almost all students engaging in research struggle with data analysis at some point. The Applied Analysis Hub (AAH) is here to support graduate students and upper-year undergraduate students conducting major research projects or theses at UNBC!

Dedicated teaching assistants are available to help you during virtual and in-person office hours. Workshops on common skills in applied analysis, such as data management, computer languages and software, and case studies using applied analytical methods provide opportunities to expand your skills. All parts of your research related to applied analysis can be addressed, ranging from selecting methods for your research question, to running analyses, to reporting results.

The AAH is a student-led initiative. It was conceived, proposed, and developed by graduate students in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies program.