Exam accommodation procedure

In order for students registered with the Access Resource Centre (ARC) to receive exam accommodations, each exam must be booked through the ARC.

In-person exam invigilation is only available for on-campus or hybrid courses. Please email us at arc@unbc.ca to book.

Please watch this tutorial video on how to book a test or exam.

  • Midterms must be booked at least five business days before the examination date.
  • Failure to book midterms, quizzes, or finals without sufficient notice may result in exam accommodations being unavailable.

If you require assistance with booking your exams, please contact the ARC and one of our staff will be happy to guide you through the process.

Academic dishonesty is a serious offence. All University students are expected to be informed as to what constitutes cheating. Refer to the University Calendar's Regulations and Policies regarding Academic Offences and Procedures on Suspicion of an Academic Offence.

* Exam accommodations are for students registered with the ARC.