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Welcome! We're thrilled you will be joining us at UNBC. This webpage includes some important information to finalize your admission.

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To accept an offer of admission, you can email

BC Criminal Record Check Process

Applicable for students admitted to the following degrees prior to starting their program:

  • Master of Social Work
  • Indigenous Child and Youth Mental Health Certificate
  • Health Sciences (Masters and Doctoral)
  • Master of Science in Nursing (both the Family Nurse Practitioner and Thesis/Project)
  • Master of Education in Counselling
  • Master of Arts in Disability Management

The Government of British Columbia requires all students who have access to children or vulnerable adults during the course of their studies to pass a British Columbia Criminal Record Check. Results, which identify relevant criminal convictions, may disqualify an applicant from admission into a program. The cost of this search is the responsibility of the student. For additional information about criminal record checks, click here.

Purple double arrow You will not be eligible to register for classes until clear criminal record check results are received by the UNBC Office of the Registrar. Therefore, it is important to submit your Request for a new Criminal Record Check immediately upon receipt of your offer of admission.


The process to request a BC Criminal Record Check varies depending on your residency.

BC Residents who have a BC Services Card

A credit card is required to pay the $28.00 processing fee. UNBC will receive your results approximately 7-10 business days after your request is submitted.

BC Residents without a BC Services Card who have not lived in BC for at least six months or who reside outside of BC

NOTE: If you have lived in BC for six months and do not have a BC Services Card, you should follow the steps above to obtain a card. This PDF form process is only available to BC residents newly living in the province (less than six months) or incoming students who reside outside of BC.

  • Contact to request the Consent to a Criminal Record Check Form. In your email, please note if you are residing out of province or, if in BC, the date you moved to BC.

UNBC Doctoral Tuition Award

The Doctoral Tuition Award provides a two-year tuition waiver to incoming students and in order to keep the award, the student must produce a timeline for completion of their degree by the end of their first year. This award is available to full-time students entering a doctoral program at UNBC for the first time.

The award may be extended for a further two years if the student passes the appropriate candidacy examination within two years of initial registration and has demonstrated academic proficiency (defined as a GPA equivalent to or greater than 3.33).

Purple double arrow To accept the award, students must sign and return the Doctoral Tuition Award Notification of Award Acceptance form within 3 weeks of receipt of the admission letter.