Non-Degree Students

Definition: Non-Degree Graduate Student

Students interested in taking graduate-level coursework but not pursuing a credential are normally considered Non-Degree Students. A maximum of three graduate courses may normally be taken under this category. Please visit for more information on regulations.

Non-Degree Students are normally those who wish to improve their academic background or try a graduate level course to determine if they are interested in applying at a future date to a graduate program. While coursework completed as a non-degree student may subsequently be transferred as credit to meet degree requirements if a non-degree student is later admitted to a UNBC graduate program, this is not guaranteed.

Tuition and Student Fee Information for Non-Degree Students

Non-Degree students must pay tuition for each course taken, as well as miscellaneous student fees applicable to each semester. Tuition paid for non-degree coursework is not subsequently credited towards the cost of a degree if a non-degree student is admitted to a program at UNBC. Please click below for a link to the Non-Degree Tuition Fees and to the Fees section for Student Fee information:

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for non-degree applications are:

  • For Fall Semester Courses (September start): August 15th
  • For Winter Semester Courses (January start): November 15th
  • For Spring/Summer Semester Courses (May start): April 15th
  • For Spring/Summer Semester Courses (June/July start): At least one week prior to the course start date

Submitting An Application

Apply via the Online Application System and complete the following:

  • Scan and upload unofficial transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended, OR provide proof of having a Master's degree by uploading a scanned copy of the degree parchment.
  • Scan and upload a UNBC Graduate Registration Form with course information completed. You can find the form on this website. You will enter all courses on one single registration form if taking more than one.
  • Scan and upload an email from the Course Instructor(s) and Program Chair(s) stating that they are supportive of you taking the course(s).
    • You must have the support of both the course instructor(s) and Program Chair(s) to enrol as a non-degree student. To find instructor information (including contact email), visit our course schedule. For a list of Program Chairs, please visit this page. We recommend you seek approval from the instructor(s) first and, once obtained, forward that email approval to the appropriate Program Chair(s) with your request. Once you have a reply back, save a copy of the emails and upload them with your application. You will not be able to submit your application without this information.
    • Please note that each program/discipline has their own Program Chair and you may require multiple approvals. For example, if you are taking a graduate level English and History course, you will need the instructor approval for each as well as the approval of the English and History department Chairs.
    • If you are taking more than one course and have separate approvals, you can upload each individually.
  • Pay the application fee.

NOTE: Letters of reference are not required.

Other visiting/non-degree types

Applicants who wish to take graduate level courses without being in a graduate program may also do so under one of the following admission categories:

  • Visiting Graduate Student
  • Exchange Graduate Student
  • Visiting Graduate Student


Exchange Graduate Student

Includes formal exchange students.

Further Information

For further information please refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar, Section 1.5.3 Non-Degree Students