Reference Letters

Selecting Your Referees

Selecting your referees is a big decision. You will want to choose referees who are able to accurately do an assessment on your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your ability to conduct graduate studies. Referees required may be "academic" or "professional" and will be noted in the Program Checklist.

Academic Referee Examples:

  • A faculty member who taught you in a course(s);
  • Observed you in a classroom/laboratory setting;
  • Supervised you doing an undergraduate thesis.

Professional Referee Examples:

  • Supervised you in a practicum/placement setting;
  • Supervised you in a work setting;
  • A co-worker who has observed your work ethic.

Submitting Reference Letters

When an application is submitted through EducationPlannerBC (EPBC), an email is sent to the referees specified, asking them to provide a reference along with a link for them to complete a reference form and/or upload a reference letter.  When referees use this link, the reference is then uploaded directly to an applicant file.

Reference Letter Troubleshooting

Referee Did Not Receive Online Reference Request

  • Have the referee check to see if the email is in their spam/junk folders
  • Ensure that you have provided your referee's correct email address and that there are no errors in it
  • If there is an error in the referee information provided, please email with the amended information and a new link will be sent to the referee.