Listing a Potential Supervisor

Most graduate programs require that a potential supervisor be identified and listed as part of your application.  

To list a faculty member as a potential supervisor, please initiate contact with them to discuss your research interests and theirs, and to determine their willingness to supervise your studies.

Browse the faculty listings on the program website of the graduate program of interest to you. You will be able to find a brief listing of each faculty member's research interests and their contact information.

Note: Listing a potential supervisor does not guarantee admission.

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  • Adesanya, Dr. Theresa

    Supervises in: MSc Environmental Science

    Research Fields: Agriculture, Conservation, Environment, Farming, Natural Resources, Soil Science

    Areas of Expertise: Soil fertility, soil physics and chemistry, land remediation


  • Aravindakshan, Dr. Nikhil

    Research Fields: Chemistry, Environment

    Areas of Expertise: Data science, physical chemistry, computational chemistry, molecular modelling, molecular dynamics simulations, high-performance computing.


  • Banack, Dr. Hartley

    Supervises in: MA NRES , PhD NRES , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Conservation, Earth Science, Education, Environment, Ethics, Geography, Health, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, International Studies, Mental Health, Northern Issues, Sustainability, Weather, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: education, curriculum, pedagogy, philosophy, epistemology, environmental education, physical education, health education, outdoor education, science education, place-based education


  • Banner, Dr. Davina

    Supervises in: MSc Nursing , MSc Health Sciences , PhD Health Sciences , PhD Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Cardiovascular, Health, Health and Wellbeing, Integrated Knowledge Translation, Rural Health Services

    Areas of Expertise: Cardiovascular and Chronic disease, Rural Health, Research Co-Production, Patient-Oriented Research.


  • Bartels, Dr. Samuel

    Supervises in: NRES Forestry , NRES Biology

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Conservation, Forestry, Natural Resources

    Areas of Expertise: forest biology; applied forest ecology, silviculture, forest management


  • Beaumont, Dr. Sherry

    Supervises in: MSc Psychology , PhD Psychology , MA Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Gender and Women's Studies, Mental Health, Psychology, Religion

    Areas of Expertise: Positive psychology, existential psychology, self-identity, wisdom, spirituality, life meaning, art-making, art therapy, expressive arts, reflexive practice.


  • Beeler, Dr. Karin

    Supervises in: MA , BA English , MA Gender Studies

    Research Fields: Culture, Gender and Women's Studies, Youth

    Areas of Expertise: Film, television, video, fantasy, Canadian literature, Comparative literature, women, gender, youth, popular culture, online courses, animals, dogs.


  • Benoit, Dr. Shendah

    Supervises in: MEd Special Education , MEd Leadership

    Research Fields: Education

    Areas of Expertise: Inclusive Education, Principalship, District Leadership, Parents and Families, Assessment: Competency-based, Psycho-educational, Risk Reducing, Strategic Planning.


  • Bernier, Dr. Jean-Sébastien

    Supervises in: MSc Physics , PhD NRES

    Research Fields: Physics


  • Blackstock, Dr. Sheila

    Supervises in: MScN Nursing , PhD Nursing , PhD Health Sciences

    Research Fields: First Nations, Health and Wellbeing, Indigenous Health, Northern Issues, Occupational Health Nursing

    Areas of Expertise: Quality of work-life, Incivility, Indigenous Health Nursing, Organizational Change, Occupational Health


  • Bouchard, Dr. Michel

    Supervises in: MA Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Anthropology, History, Northern Issues

    Areas of Expertise: Nation, nationalism, French-speaking North America, Russia, Métis, Métis Ethnogenesis, Circumpolar Ethnography


  • Bryan, Heather

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology

    Research Fields: Biodiversity/Ecology, Conservation, Wildlife

    Areas of Expertise: Wildlife, conservation, predator-prey interactions, carnivores, mammals, disease ecology, ecophysiology, wildlife health, wildlife ecology, conservation physiology


  • Budde, Robert

    Supervises in: MA English

    Research Fields: Culture, Environment, Ethics, First Nations, Gender and Women's Studies, Human Rights

    Areas of Expertise: Creative writing, Canadian literature, ecopoetry, northern BC literature.


  • Burke, Dr. Susan

    Supervises in: Social Work , Health Sciences , First Nations Studies

    Research Fields: Education, First Nations, Health and Wellbeing, Social Work

    Areas of Expertise: Indigenous social work practice, child welfare practice, kinship care, social work health and wellness, indigenous social work education


  • Cale, Dr. Jonathan

    Supervises in: MSc NRES Biology , MSc NRES Forestry

    Areas of Expertise: Forest Pathology, Forest Health, Forest Ecology, Fungal Ecology, Mycology, Chemical Ecology, Tree Physiology


  • Callaghan, Dr. Russ


  • Campana, Christine

    Supervises in: English

    Areas of Expertise: Indigenous literatures, Canadian literature, women’s literature, theory and criticism, poetry/poetics, diaspora studies, and Indigenous-settler relations.


  • Chen, Dr. Liang

    Supervises in: MSc Computer Science , MSc Interdisciplinary Studies

    Research Fields: Computer Science, Election, Information Studies, Mathematics, Statistics

    Areas of Expertise: Artificial Intelligence including: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining; Theory of Computation; Voting Theory, Big data, Data analysis.


  • Chen, Jing

    Supervises in: MSc Finance


  • Cherian, Chinchu

    Supervises in: PhD NRES , MASc Engineering

    Research Fields: Climate Change, Engineering, Environment, Northern Issues, Sustainability

    Areas of Expertise: Soil mechanics, Ground improvement techniques, Geosynthetics and Engineering Materials, Sustainable geotechnical practices, Industrial waste management