Distinguished Alumni Awards

2018 Alumni Awards

Each year, UNBC and the Alumni Council recognize those alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their alma mater, their professions, and their communities. Last year David Lewellyn (BSc 1998) and Sarah White (BSW 2007) received awards.

Nominations are closed.  Nominations are submitted online.  Any questions can be directed to alumni@unbc.ca

Confidentiality is assured. Nominees are not informed of their nomination or status by UNBC unless they are selected as a recipient. Nominators may choose to inform nominees that they have been nominated. Unsuccessful nominees will not be contacted.

The Online Nomination Form requires:

  • Candidate's Information
  • Nominee's Information
  • Award Category Declaration
  • Award Criteria Statements
  • Optional Support Documents (CVs, news articles, et cetera)
  • Referee Information (minimum two referees required)
We recommend that you review the submission form, prepare your answers to the criteria questions in a separate Word document (so they can be copied and pasted into the form), and gather any supporting materials (e.g., candidate’s CV) you wish to include before getting started with your online nomination.

Professional Excellence Award

This award recognizes alumni who have achieved excellence in their careers. The recipients of this award demonstrate leadership and serve as role models for UNBC students and alumni. They set standards of achievement to which others can aspire.

Award Criteria:
  • The nominee's professional contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of society.  What differentiates this graduate from their peers?
  • The nominee's significant professional/career accomplishments.  What impact has this graduate and their work had within their discipline or area of focus?
  • Leadership, membership or participation within professional associations, applicable to the nominee.
  • The recognition the nominee has received by colleagues—any previous awards, accolades, and/or recognition for their impact in their area of work?
  • How the nominee has promoted UNBC throughout their professional career.

Community Service Award

This award pays tribute to UNBC graduates who have made outstanding volunteer contributions in their communities. They have enriched the lives of others through their generous gifts of time and talent, and their involvement in civic, charitable and/or social causes.

Award Criteria:
  • The nominee's contributions to their (local or global) community.
  • The nominee's leadership, membership, or participation with volunteer, charity or community organizations.
  • The nominee's significant volunteer accomplishments.
  • Community or peer recognition for the nominee's philanthropy.

Honorary Member of the Alumni Association

This title is given to individuals who are not graduates of UNBC, but who have made significant contributions to the University's success, reputation, and pursuit of excellence through moral, financial, or other support. Honorary alumni receive a lifetime membership in the Alumni Association of UNBC.

Award Criteira:
  • Significant volunteer and/or professional accomplishments the nominee has contributed to UNBC.
  • The nominee's promotion and/or support for UNBC.
  • Impact this nominee has had on students/alumni.