Graduate Program

There is a large interest in graduate level study in Anthropology. In keeping with UNBC's innovative approaches to academic study, Anthropology offers post-graduate studies via the interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree (IDIS) and through registration in individual 600 level ANTH courses.

Students interested in pursuing this path should consult with an appropriate member of the faculty in the program, who would potentially serve as the student's supervisor. This consultation would establish the appropriateness of this route given the student's career objectives and research interests.

Details regarding admission procedures, deadlines and other pertinent information can be obtained from the Office of Graduate Programs.

An applicant may undertake an IDIS program only under the following conditions:

  • the applicant's proposed course of study cannot be pursued within an existing degree;
  • the applicant has a well-conceived idea of the courses needed for a program of study and or a thesis topic that the applicant wishes to pursue

The guidelines for the IDIS MA program require that:

  • the proposed subject of study (i.e. the thesis topic) be interdisciplinary in scope, drawing on at least two of the University's academic programs;
  • the student take a minimum of 5 courses, not all, or all but one, course may be taken from one Program;
  • the student submit a proposal conditional to acceptance into the program, and this demonstrates that study of the topic can only be achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach.