Dune Za Keyih Provincial Park

Call for Presentations, Workshops and Presentations is Open - Submit Now

7th Biannual BC Protected Areas Research Forum

December 6-9, 2021

This last year has brought front and centre the importance of parks and protected areas as places of ecological and human restoration, recreation, and solace.

There is still uncertainty about travel in this year of COVID recovery, and budgets for all of us are tighter than ever. As much as we would love to gather in person, we have decided that in 2021 it makes sense to hold a virtual conference.

Going virtual allows us to open up participation to a much broader group of people. We plan to use the extended dates for the conference to stretch the sessions out over a longer period of time so you won’t have to choose between which session to attend!

The virtual format also means that we will have time during the sessions and workshops for significant discussions and interactions and can put our new virtual collaboration skills to use.

Calls for papers, workshops and posters is now open. Registration will open in early September.

Call for Presentations, Papers, Workshops is Open 

There's a space for everyone to contribute at a BCPARF conference. If you are an intern, a student, a researcher, an academic, a planner, a manager come share your knowledge or share a management or research challenge you are facing. All topics are welcome but some suggestions include:

  • Reconciling record-high visitor use with conservation management in parks
  • Nature-based solutions and the role of parks in a carbon-constrained future 
  • Protected areas in a changing climate 
  • Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas 
  • Advancing reconciliation in protected areas management  
  • Ecological management (including active management for fire, beetles, invasive species, connectivity) 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation in parks 
  • Parks and mental health – lessons from the pandemic 
  • Ecological monitoring and citizen science 
  • Tourism in protected areas - benefits and impacts 
  • Integrating parks in the broader landscape 
  • The economic sustainability of protected areas management 
  • Marine ecology and challenges to protection 
  • New research techniques and tools 
  • Cultural resource management with First Nations 
  • Managing heritage sites in a time of change
You can present in one of the following formats:
  • Oral presentations - 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions
  • Sticky Issues - 5 minutes – If you have a management issue or challenge prepare a max. 5 minute video (this can consist of a ppt presentation, just an oral presentation, or video of a site problem) outlining the issue and your questions. We will post these in advance of the conference and encourage folks to provide feedback of ideas, resources and suggestions.
  • Workshop / Discussion - 45 to 90 minutes - Organizer responsible for title / abstract and for ensuring that related presenters submit their individual details by the deadline. Please make sure to indicate which presenters are in your session.
  • PDF Posters – A PDF of a poster (size is flexible). These will be available throughout the conference.
  • Video Posters – Record a maximum 3-minute video of a research project or management challenge. These will be available throughout the conference.
  • Other Submissions - If you would like to submit an idea for another format and/or side-meeting please submit an outline with details below
Submissions close September 30, 2021

Registration for BCPARF 2021 will be at significantly reduced rates:

  • Early-bird registration rates are $20 students/$40 regular
  • Late registration rates are $30 students/$50 regular
  • Full registration scholarships will be available for BIPOC participants

For updates, please follow us at www.unbc.ca/bcparf and on Facebook at BC PARF.

Conference Co-Chairs

Pam Wright/UNBC

Jen Grant/BC Parks