• Biology
    Teaching Laboratory
    3333 University Way
    Prince George
    British Columbia
    V2N 4Z9

Contact Information

To request additional information about the Biology program please email us directly at biology@unbc.ca.

Ken Otterken-otter

Department Chair, Ecosystem Science and Management

Email: ken.otter@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5019
Office: 8-341

Dezene Huberdezene-huber

Curriculum Committee Chair, Biology

Email: dezene.huber@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5119
Office: 8-147

Emily Gadzalaemily_gadzala

Student Advisor

Email: emily.gadzala@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-5680
Office: AGO 7-710

Amber Friess

Administrative Assistant

Email: esm@unbc.ca
Phone: 250-960-6664