Integrated Analytical Skills & Knowledge (IASK) Program

Paul Bowles, Professor
Heather Smith, Professor
Lisa Dickson, Associate Professor
Ross Hoffman, Associate Professor
Tracy Summerville, Associate Professor and Coordinator

The Integrated Analytical Skills & Knowledge Program at UNBC offers first-year students a rich and unique learning experience.  Supported by seven academic units in the College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences (Anthropology, Economics, English, First Nations Studies, International Studies, Political Science, and Northern Studies), IASK delivers an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum.  IASK is cohort based: small groups of students will work together across courses.  Intake for IASK is limited to 65 students who self-select to take part in the Program.  IASK courses are accepted as meeting the degree requirements for the seven departments listed above.
The IASK is made up of 18 credit hours spread out over two terms.  However, IASK does not occupy the full first year, as students can register for other courses and programs.  That is, 9 credit hours are taken in the September Semester and 9 credit hours are taken in the January Semester.  The courses blend content and teaching in ways that prepare students for success in university and beyond.
Curriculum in IASK focuses on learning outcomes and on content breadth across the Liberal Arts. Learning outcomes in IASK include the following:
  1. Appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge and skills;
  2. Analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills;
  3. Liberality, inclusiveness, and an appreciation of diversity;
  4. Personal growth, leadership skills and effective communication;
  5. Life-long learning and intellectual development;
  6. Engaged citizenship from the local to global levels.
IASK is recommended for students entering UNBC for the first time in one of the seven academic units listed above and who desire to work with a small group of students in a learning environment designed to facilitate student engagement with their peers.  Through interaction with a small group of professors, this program will also assist first-year students to achieve improved academic performance throughout their four years at UNBC.

IASK 101-3Ways of Knowing
IASK 103-3Foundations of Learning I
IASK 104-3Peoples, Places and Culture
IASK 105-3What is Security?
IASK 106-3Foundations of Learning II
IASK 107-3  Special Topics

Updated: May 8, 2020