Northern Transitions Program

Please note the Northern Transitions Program is not currently accepting applications. Please contact for alternatives.


UNBC’s Northern Transitions Program (NTP) is a holistic and supportive program that helps students prepare for and successfully navigate the transition to university studies. By offering courses that bridge gaps in student knowledge and experience, the NTP is a program for anyone who would benefit from a supportive transition into the role of a post-secondary student.

The NTP provides skills and knowledge in the first year of studies that subsequently allow students to complete degree programs. Throughout their critical first year, students will receive credit for courses in which they develop library skills, text reading skills, communication, exam-taking strategies and quantitative skills. This program has three main principles:

  • To enhance learning, writing, communication, computer and other skills, which will improve success in a post-secondary institution;
  • To enable students to explore various career options available through their educational achievements;
  • To provide a supportive network and learning environment which will enhance personal development and academic success.

The Northern Transitions Program was developed with existing UNBC courses to support students continuing into degrees of their choice. This program is cohort-based so only others in the NTP will be in the courses in order to build relationships and supports with fellow students. The courses will be enhanced by a bi-weekly talking circle with their Academic Learning Coach (ALC) to ensure that all aspects of student life are nurtured. The foci of these talking circles is on a wide range of topics from academics and support services to cultural support and wellness. This is not a standalone program so students are expected to apply to a UNBC program of choice in their first year of studies with the Northern Transitions Program. The program is designed to facilitate 20 students per year in each cohort.

Northern Transitions program students are required to complete 18 credit hours in their first and second semesters as follows:

Semester One

UNIV 101-3 Introduction to Higher Education
ENGL 170-3 Writing and Communication Skills
CPSC 150-3 Computer Applications

Semester Two

ARTS 102-3 Research Writing
ENGL 120-3 Introduction to Canadian Indigenous Literatures
XMAT 161-1, 162-1, 163-1 Intermediate Algebra

Academic Learning Coach

The NTP provides support networks for personal growth that help students deal with issues that can impede their academic success. The Academic Learning Coach (ALC) is the students’ key support. The ALC facilitates student engagement as students transition to university to ensure that their higher learning experience is a success. By providing personalized support, the coach guides students through course work in an advisory and supportive capacity. They assist students in their transition to a self-motivated and independent approach university level learning by being responsive to the particular needs that students may require for their future success in UNBC programs.

Admission Requirements

Students will be required to complete a regular UNBC Admission Application form and indicate the Northern Transitions Program as their academic intention. Students are required to have completed Math 10 and preference will be given to students who have completed English 12 or English First Peoples 12. Students who do not successfully meet the Cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C average) for this program are required to meet with their academic advisor and Academic Learning Coach to help assess goals and steps needed to move forward. Such students may be asked to take a short break from the University; however, this is not considered a penalty, as we want to provide students with options to ensure they are successful in their future educational endeavours.

Application Process

Students are encouraged to begin admission inquiries as soon as possible in the new calendar year. The deadline for submission of applications, complete with all required documentation, for September registration is May 31. Complete application files are given first preference for acceptance into the program. Not all students who are eligible are admitted as space in the program is limited.
To be considered for the Northern Transitions program, students must also submit the following with their application form:

  • one official transcript from high school and all post-secondary institutions attended (photocopies or facsimiles are not accepted as official);
  • a letter of intent outlining their career goals and the importance of the Northern Transitions program in achieving those goals;
  • a letter of support from a high school teacher and/or band administrator, education coordinator or sponsoring organization.

Students who have submitted the the above mentioned documents and have met all entrance requirements are then scheduled for a personal interview to ensure suitability and preparedness for the Northern Transitions Program.