Other Admission Categories

Audit Only

Students wishing to participate in university courses, but not for credit, may apply for audit status. Audit Only students must submit an application for admission and pay the application fee. Audit Only students must also obtain approval from the course instructor, using the “Undergraduate Registration and Drop/withdraw” forms available from the Office of the Registrar. Audit Only students are not required to meet regular admission requirements.

Priority for spaces in courses is always given to students taking the course for credit. Approval from the instructor in no way guarantees that an audit student will be able to attend an oversubscribed course.

The degree of participation in a course for an audit student is at the discretion of the instructor. Audit Only students are not entitled to write the final exam or be granted credit for the course.

Audited courses do not meet prerequisites or course/program requirements.

Dependent on available space, students wishing to change from audit to credit status must obtain approval from the instructor prior to the last day to add courses in the given semester.

Interest Only

Applicants who want to take a few courses for credit but not earn a degree or certificate, should apply through the regular admissions route but specify their faculty and program as “Undeclared – no program.”

Continuing Studies Credit

Certain courses offered through Continuing Studies may earn UNBC credit without the student having to be admitted formally. See “Continuing Studies” under the Services and Facilities section in this calendar or online at www.unbc.ca/continuingstudies.

Admission to a Second Undergraduate Degree

Students having a first undergraduate degree from a recognized institution may be eligible to take a second degree at the Bachelor’s level. UNBC reserves the right to deny admission under this category where the program completed and the program sought are too similar. A minimum of 60 credits will be required to complete a second degree. Students may be required to complete any unmet first and second year requirements.

Diverse Qualifications

UNBC recognizes the diversity of experience that students can bring to the university environment. This admissions route takes into account applicants who demonstrate life experience, excellence in other endeavours, and/or who have succeeded despite difficult circumstances. UNBC welcomes applications from anyone who can demonstrate academic potential but does not meet the requirements of the regular admissions routes.

Through this admissions route, applicants are assessed on an individual basis and may be asked to provide any of the following:

  • Proof of English Language Requirements;
  • All academic transcripts; and
  • Academic Intent and Employment History Form.

Students admitted under this category are offered probationary admission. To fulfill the obligations of this admission, students

  • are allowed to enroll in no more than 12 credit hours in their first semester; and
  • must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in their first semester.

Students failing to achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA in their first semester will not be permitted to continue at the university.