Boris DeWiel, Associate Professor and Coordinating Committee Chair
Paul Bowles, Professor Emeritus (Economics)
Jacqueline Holler, Professor (Global and International Studies)
Kevin Hutchings, Professor (English)

Philosophy is the oldest academic discipline taught at a university. From a functional point of view, philosophy is synonymous with critical thinking. From a formal point of view, it is a body of knowledge answering three questions: what is it (ontology)?; what good is it (axiology)?; and, how do you know it (epistemology)?

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy requires students to take PHIL 205-3 or POLS 270-3 and PHIL 305-3 or POLS 370-3 in addition to 12 credit hours chosen from courses listed below for a total of 18 credit hours. At least 12 credit hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

A maximum of four courses (12 credit hours) used to fulfill program requirements for a major or another minor may also be used to fulfill requirements for a minor in Philosophy.

PHIL 205-3 Introduction to the History of Philosophy
   or POLS 270-3 Political Philosophy: Antiquity to Early Modernity
History of Philosophy: Early Modernity to Post-Modernity
     or POLS 370-3
Political Philosophy: Early Modernity to Post-Modernity

Four of the following:
ANTH 401-3 Anthropological Perspectives on Inequality
ANTH 405-3 Landscapes, Place and Culture
ANTH 406-3 Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology
COMM 332-3 Business and Professional Ethics
CPSC 141-3 Discrete Computational Mathematics
ENGL 200-3 Gender and Literary Theory
ENGL 300-3 Theory
ENGL 400-3 Contemporary Theory
ENVS 414-3 Environmental and Professional Ethics
FNST 303-3 First Nations Religion and Philosophy
FNST 304-3 Indigenous Environmental Philosophy
HIST 300-3 Historiography: The Nature of the Historical Discipline
HIST 311-3 History of Feminism
   or WMST 311-3 History of Feminism
MATH 224-3 Foundations of Modern Mathematics
Comparative Religion
PHIL 302-3 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 400-3 Classics in Philosophy
PHIL 472-3 Philosophical Research Seminar
POLS 372-3 Theories of Justice
POLS 413-3 Democracy and Diversity
POLS 427-3 Ethics and Public Affairs
POLS 472-3 Seminar in Political Philosophy
WMST 411-3 Contemporary Feminist Theories 

Updated: June 30, 2023