UNBC Geography Field School 2004

Geographies of Culture, Rights & Power:
Indigenous & Gendered Human Rights in Guatemala
May 3-26, 2004 
       SANTIAGO ATITLÁN, UNBC group on steps of the
       sixteenth-century Catholic Church
Wednesday, May 12th, a group of 10 UNBC students and Dr. Catherine Nolin traveled to Guatemala City to begin a two-week human rights delegation-style tour of Guatemala. We visited various organizations, learning first hand of the oppression and resistance struggles that people in Guatemala face ... as a matter of course, as part of their daily fare.
The first week was co-facilitated by Grahame Russell of Rights Action. The following summary of our first week is written by Grahame: 
It is increasingly obvious that a global and historical perspective is needed to understand the structural injustices against the majority population in a place like Guatemala—a "national" perspective is not sufficient. What is also needed is an activist vision and agenda aimed at building global alliances—people to people - to end local-to-global injustices ... One world, one solution.
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