Visitors from Guatemala

UNBC Geography hosts two Guatemalan visitors, November 16–21
Guillermo Chen Morales of the Fundación Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Foundation), Rabinal, spent November 16th in Prince George, while Alan Robinson of the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation) (FAFG) was at UNBC November 16–21. The photos below document some of the speaking events and social gatherings during this busy week. 
Co-organizers, Cristian Silva and Catherine Nolin, with Alan Robinson, November 19, 2004 
UNBC First Nations Centre hosts a welcome potluck for Guillermo Chen and Alan Robinson, November 16, 2004
Cristian Silva, Catherine Nolin, Guillermo Chen, and Alan Robinson
Deb Straussfogel, Potluck Organizer Carolyn Kinnis, and Megan MacInnes
Cristian Silva, Guillermo Chen, and Alan Robinson

Guillermo Chen’s evening presentation, November 16th, 2004
Presentation: “Guatemala: New Hope 20 Years after the Genocide” 
Cristian Silva, Carolyn Kinnis, Catherine Nolin, Guillermo Chen, Lynn Wilson, and Alan Robinson
Alan Robinson’s presentations, November 18th and 19th, 2004
Presentation: “Guatemala: Exhuming the Truth”
Presentation: “Gendered Violence during the Guatemalan Armed Conflict”

Alan Robinson’s visit was sponsored by the Geography Program in collaboration with: College of Science and Management (CSAM), Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, UNBC First Nations Centre, UNBC International Exchange and Student Programs, UNBC First Nations Studies, and the following UNBC Programs: Women’s Studies, Anthropology, International Studies, and Economics.