Pedagogy Visioning Committee (PVC)

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all aspects of our lives. With regard to teaching and learning, the impact has been dramatic as we have all had to rapidly navigate both charted and uncharted waters of alternative modes of course delivery. It gives us hope, however, that many of us remain interested in thinking and talking about how we can make the ‘classroom’ an inclusive and intellectually stimulating arena for teaching and learning. If it is true, as John Dewey says, that “A person who does not have his [sic] mind made up, does not know what to do” (Democracy and Education), charting our way through the demands of pandemic pedagogy will challenge us to consider the principles and values that inform our practice, both now and in the emerging “new normal” of Higher Education. It is this thinking that has birthed the Pedagogy Visioning Committee (PVC).

What we hope to create?

We plan to publish dispatches, based on some core values identified by the committee as integral to the mission of teaching and learning at UNBC, particularly in the context of pandemic pedagogy. Our hope is that the dispatches will plant seeds for further conversation in formal and informal opportunities for engagement, and will provide some guiding questions, resources and examples to help our community reflect, plan, and put our values into practice.

What are some guiding questions to consider?

  • What do I care about, as a teacher or a learner, when it comes to our learning environment at UNBC?
  • What in my current teaching and learning practice embodies or fosters what I care about in terms of the learning environment? What doesn’t?
  • How can I ensure that the meaningful content and experience that I value in the face to face context are available in the online learning environment?
  • How might the “new normal” of pandemic pedagogy influence my own classroom "normal'?”
  • What do I need that would help me to reflect, envision, plan and practice my teaching and learning values in the context of the pandemic?