Annual Robert W.Tait Annual Lecture


Dr. Robert Tait has placed a pivotal role in enhancing the profile of teaching and learning at UNBC. As Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee, he sought action and not just discussion. This committee, under his leadership, was central to the expansion of teaching and learning activities at UNBC. He created opportunities in-house for practicing our pedagogy. As well, Dean Tait was always inclusive and understood that it was not just the faculty who were central to the students’ learning experience, but also the staff. Perhaps more significantly, Dr. Tait had a vision for teaching excellence that was beyond UNBC. He encouraged faculty to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning at a provincial and national level, and supported it out of his budget at times. Robert Tait has also mentored many junior faculty members who have since gone on to win UNBC and 3M teaching awards.  

The terms of reference for the lecture reflect the work of Robert Tait. They reflect a holistic understanding of teaching and learning and they are inclusive. The terms of reference are about action, not just reflection. The lecture itself aids in the development of a staff, faculty or SLI teaching dossier. 

Nomination Process

Provost, Deans, Chairs, past recipients, and Directors are encouraged to submit a one page nomination letter that provides an overview of the nominee’s commitment to educational leadership and action at UNBC.  Nominees will then be contact via the Director of the CTLT and invited to submit a brief bio and teaching dossier that reflects a focus on educational leadership.  The supervisor’s letter and nominee’s teaching dossier will be submitted to the selection committee.  If the nominators or nominees have any questions about this award, they can contact the Director for the Centre of Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Heather Smith ( 

Terms of Reference

  • The innovations must be documented by the nominee and the nominee is then required to share this innovation via the public lecture
  • Annual lecture scheduled through the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Nominees may be part time or full time faculty, senior lab instructors, or staff
  • Nominations are made by supervisors of above employees to the Dean of Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • Selections made by a committee composed of a GSS rep, NUGSS rep, one faculty member from each College who has been a recipient of the UNBC Excellence in Teaching Award, and chaired by the Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • The award is given for innovations that enhance the learning experience of the student, either inside the classroom or outside of the classroom