Role of the Chancellor

Criteria for Appointment

The Chancellor is a distinguished person whose service, contributions, reputation, and record of excellence in their field(s) of endeavour reflect the mission, vision, and values of the University of Northern British Columbia.

The Chancellor position requires experience and knowledge of ceremony and protocol and a high level of ease and comfort with ceremony and public speaking. 

Terms of Appointment

The Chancellor position is a non-remunerated, volunteer position.

The Chancellor serves for an initial three-year term and, should the Chancellor be willing and able, the appointment may be renewed for one additional three-year term, on review by the UNBC Chancellor Nomination Committee and on the approval of the UNBC Board of Governors.

Nomination and Appointment Process

In accordance with the University Act of British Columbia, the Chancellor is appointed by the UNBC Board of Governors on nomination by the Alumni Association after consultation with the UNBC Senate. 

The nomination and appointment process is further outlined in the Chancellor Nomination, Selection and Appointment Procedures approved by the UNBC Board of Governors.