Dr. Ché Elkin

Mixedwood Forest Ecology

Che Elkin UNBC frost wideAssociate Professor
FRBC/Slocan Mixedwood Ecology Chair
Ecosystem Science & Management Program
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, B.C.
V2N 4Z9

email:   che.elkin@unbc.ca
phone: (250) 960-5004
office:    LAB8-8-332

I am a forest ecologist whose research focuses on how climate and landscape disturbances interact to influence forest dynamics, landscape connectivity, and the spatial distribution of forest ecosystem services.  My research is premised on the idea that by improving our understanding of the ecological processes that drive forest dynamics we will be better able to: predict how the systems will change in the future in response to shifting environmental, climatic and socioeconomic conditions, more accurately evaluate the uncertainty associated with future environmental conditions, and develop more robust forest management plans.