Lab Members

Ché Elkin, University of Northern British Columbia

Che Elkin, FRBC/Slocan Mixedwood Ecology Chair

I'm a forest ecologist interested in how environmental conditions influence individual tree growth, and what this means for forest dynamics the landscape scale.  I hold the FRBC/Slocan Mixedwood Ecology and Management research chair at UNBC.

Colin Chisholm, MSc candidate

Colin Chisholm in Aleza Lake Research Forest Old Growth Stand

Colin is examining the structural attributes of forest in B.C.'s central interior with the aim of improving our understanding of how forest management influences forest dynamics and the development of "old growth" attributes.

Erin Hall, MSc Candidate

Project: Evaluating how stand level forest dynamics influence stand structure and caribou winter range

Ryan Jackalin, MSc Candidate

Evaluating the impact of competition dynamics on fibre and wood properties in spruce and aspen

Ingrid Farnell, MSc Candidate

Long-term effects of timber harvesting on coarse woody debris volume and size distributions, and the impacts on Marten habitat in northern British Columbia

Luiz Terezan, MSc Candidate

Evaluation of Airborne Laser Scanning to identify physical and biological drivers of site index

Andrew Peacosh, MSc Candidate

Modelling Fuel Characteristics of Mixed wood Stands using Aerial Laser Scanning and the Implications for Operational and Landscape Level Wildland Fuel Mitigation

Patrick Robinson, MSc Candidate

High Resolution Wildfire Fuel Mapping Using LiDAR to Inform Climate Adaptation Planning

Matt McLean, MSc Candidate

Machine Learning based classification of vegetation in cut-blocks

Past Graduate Students


Evaluating how forest compositin and structure influences carbon dynamics in spruce-dominated sub-boreal forest within the central interior of B.C.

Luizmar De Assis Barros, MSc

Managing old-growth forests for multiple ecosystem services

Jessica Chaves Cardoso, MSc

White spruce growth sensitivity to clmiate variability in pure and mixedwood stands


Marie Garnier, AgroSup Dijon international intern 2016

Marie Garnier Intern 2016

Project: Evaluation how canopy structure influences understory light conditions in sub-boreal shelterwood (partial cut) stands

Yuxiao Zhau, Mitacs Globalink Research intern 2016

Yuxiao Zhau, Mitacs Globalink Research Intern 2016

Project: Assessing the impact of stand age and site conditions on above ground carbon dynamics.