Items for Sale in Chemstores

Laboratory Materials
To assist research and teaching activities at UNBC, Chemstores sells a variety of commonly needed laboratory materials, such as glass- and plasticware, gloves, safety supplies, tubing, and spill kit components.  Download the inventory (updated January 2021) to see a full list of items available.
Bulk Chemicals and Molecular Biology Reagents
Chemstores sells bulk chemicals, including 100% ethanol, chloroform, isopropanol, 95% ethanol, reagent grade acetone, methanol, hexanes, and ethyl acetate.   Select compressed gases are also available: med grade carbon dioxide (gas) and siphon (liquid) carbon dioxide.
Stocking New Items
Chemstores supports research and teaching, so new items are added in response to demonstrated demand.  If there are common items that your lab needs on a continuing basis and that are not stocked in Chemstores, please contact the Dispensing Chemist.