How to Order Chemicals and Lab Supplies

Purchasing Items from Chemstores
A charge code (i.e., Fund/Org) is required to purchase items through Chemstores.  Students and staff purchasing on behalf of a fund-holder need to be assigned signing authority.  
Purchasing Chemicals and Supplies
Items that are not in stock in the Chemstores store can be ordered through the Web Requisition system.  Web Requisition training is available through individual departments. 

Chemical and Lab Supply Purchasing Quick Reference:
Purchase common lab supplies and chemicals directly from Chemstores:
  • Check to see if Chemstores has the items in stock
  • Pick up the items from Chemstores - room 4-203 of the Research Lab Building
Place orders for non-chemical consumable lab supplies directly using:
Place chemical orders through the Web Requisition system:

For more detailed information on purchasing at UNBC, visit the Purchasing Department's website.
(Updated August, 2012)