About the UNBC Childcare Society

Mission Statement

UNBC Childcare Society, in partnership with families, provides a child-centred, stimulating program; children are supported and encouraged to develop respect for self, others, and the world around them.

UNBC Childcare recognizes the importance of the early years in brain development and advocates the importance of quality early childhood experiences.

Society History

In January 1996, the brand new University of Northern B.C. Child Care Complex opened. The daycare building was one of the first in Prince George designed specifically for child care. The complex provides three streams of care:

UNBC Childcare girl eyeballIn February 1996, a non-profit society was formed to manage the operation of the centre. All employees are employed by the Society, not the University of Northern B.C.

The University is very supportive of the centre, providing use of the building for free of charge, and paying for all the hydro, heat, and janitorial services. A UNBC Treasury Assistant provides payroll support, and the University provides a subsidy each year (subject to a proposed balanced budget). It is expected that the Board will manage the financial affairs of the Society in a fiscally responsible manner.

Society Board

The UNBC Childcare Society Board is responsible for the overall operation of the centre. This board is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to high quality child care and the programs that we offer. Parents and members of the UNBC community serve on the board level in designated positions. The terms of office are two years for each position, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Terms can be renewed. The staff elects the staff representative.

The Manager reports to the board, and is responsible for the day to day operation of the centre. Each program has a Program Supervisor who is responsible for maintaining appropriate programming and providing leadership to the Early Childhood Educators in their room.

The UNBC Childcare Society Board meets once a month. The Annual General Meeting is usually held in September.