Co-op Testimonials

Brandon GreenallBrandon Greenall 

BCOMM, UNBC May 2020

"My time at Shift Creative Solutions Inc and AscenTech Solutions Inc. during a combined 3 co-op work placements has been incredible. Having the opportunity to apply what I've learned in the classroom to solve real business problems and work with clients has really helped me grow as a professional while completing my degree. Taking on these co-op opportunities has also led to a permanent position with AscenTech Solutions Inc. and has also given me the confidence to found and operate my own business, Campus Cleaners Prince George! I urge all students to explore co-op during their degree, as the experiences and connections you can gain are invaluable to your post-graduation success!"

Cameron SpoonerCameron Spooner

ENSc, UNBC September 2019

"Being able to take a semester off working and not having to feel like “Oh I’m going to be behind or waste a semester” was eye-opening and a super great feeling. My time working with Environment Canada and at Kemess mine has brought so much growth.  It is a great thing being able to experience a possible career in a relaxed matter and It gave me insights on what I want to do in the future. It is a great way to build a network and really meet and talk to people in your field.  Academically, it allowed me to more easily relate my studies to the “real world” and I strongly believe that work experience is just as important as your academics. The Co-Op program was there every step of the way to answer any concerns or doubts I had. The feeling of “wow okay I’m not just a student and I actually have valuable knowledge and experience” is probably the thing I am most thankful for from participating in the program."

AscentechJaymes Pattie, Employer

AscenTech Solutions Inc./Shift Creative Solutions 

"As a business in technology we have to adapt very quickly, and have had to ask all our students to do the same at some point. With this in mind we couldn’t be more impressed with how minimal the training time we had to put in was, how hard they worked and how quickly they became a part of the Ascentech family."