Mackenzie Seniors Survey - Belonging

Age-friendly Communities
July 28, 2021

In 2019, the College of New Caledonia, Mackenzie Campus, formed a community stakeholders group, successfully applied for a New Horizons grant, and entered a five-year agreement with the Government of Canada. The purpose of the grant is to understand seniors needs and issues in Mackenzie and develop programs and services that enhance quality of life for seniors.

The community stakeholders group includes a wide range of community organizations, including those that provide housing, transportation, recreation, home support, and other services to seniors. One of the stakeholders is the Community Development Institute (CDI) at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). The CDI’s role in this partnership is to design and conduct a research and evaluation framework for the “New Horizons Program: Bridging the Gap”. The Mackenzie Seniors Surveys will assist in understanding the current social and economic environment for seniors in Mackenzie and help identify potential gaps and opportunities for programs and services that could enhance quality of life. The surveys will also help assess the impact of CNC’s New Horizons Program on the lives of seniors in Mackenzie.

This survey is the first of a series of surveys to be developed and administered by the CDI as part of CNC’s New Horizons program in Mackenzie. All surveys will be submitted to the UNBC Research Ethics Board for review and approval.