Careers in Computer Science

Here we introduce some companies and organizations that may have available positions.

Northern Health

Northern Health provides health services to more than 300,000 people in the province of British Columbia. If you have good programming skills or if you are familiar with databases or business intelligence, or if you have other computer skills, you may find a job at Northern Health.


Noratek Solutions Inc. is one of the largest technology companies located in North-Central British Columbia, Canada. Noratek Solutions offers a broad portfolio of IT services for small and medium businesses as well as large corporate organizations.

Defau Network Systems Corp.

Defau Network Systems Corp. has provided computer and network services since 1998. Services include maintenance services, consulting and project services. Their services have helped over 150 clients in sectors as diverse as manufacturing  industrial services to healthcare providers and government.

Aside from the mentioned options you can find other opportunities in Prince George. Please contact the Student Career Centre for further assistance.