Event planning and procedures

How to plan your event

A well-organized event starts with a plan. The earlier you start planning the better. We have created some helpful tips for new and experienced event planners to consider. Download our conference and event planning guidelines to help you plan your event.

NUGSS Student-led organizations

University space will only be booked if the Northern Undergraduate Student Centre (NUSC) is not available or adequate. Booking requests made by UNBC students may be sent to NUGSS for review and approval prior to confirmation. Please allow time for review.

We have created helpful tips for students to consider in their event plans. Download the documents below.

Ceremonial fire circle

The ceremonial fire circle can be booked by UNBC staff, faculty and NUGSS student-led organizations for ceremonies, educational opportunities, and other gatherings that are culturally appropriate. Visit the ceremonial fire circle webpage for more details.