Advances in Land Reclamation: From Theory to Practice

UNBC land reclamation course

Reclamation is an essential part of many natural resource industry and/or development works, from mining to road construction. This two-day course is a study of advanced topics in reclamation geared towards regulators and those with an interest in reclamation, and/or those who may actively engage in related works through their respective roles.

A comprehensive review of reclamation techniques, technologies and considerations, paired with relevant case studies highlighting respective successes and challenges is provided.

This course is beneficial to environmental regulators, practitioners, consultants, managers and decision-makers working in reclamation and/or anyone engaged in similar work specific to their job.

This course is only available as a custom offering. Please contact us at to set up a course date and time that works for you and your employees.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover reclamation concepts, including the Novel Ecosystems Paradigm
  • Examine leading reclamation best practices, from theory to field application
  • Explore biophysical considerations in reclamation decision making
  • Determine reclamation success and implications for decision-making
  • Explore case studies to highlight successes and challenges
  • Engage in group discussions and knowledge sharing