EM Course (08) - Fish and Fish Habitat

In Fish and Fish Habitat, students are introduced to key hydrology concepts and common monitoring techniques used for aquatic ecosystems. Students also learn the fundamentals of working in, and around, fish habitats, how to identify different fish species, and necessary knowledge concerning fish lifecycles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of hydrology
  • Recognize stream orders and characteristics
  • Distinguish between qualitative vs. quantitative data collection
  • Learn about fish salvage using backpack electrofishers
  • Understand stream discharge
  • Know the importance of fish and fish Habitat, and how to protect it
  • Recognize western Canadian fish species
  • Understand the components of fish habitat
  • Learn how to use field sampling cards

This course is one of 10 courses that make up the Environmental Monitoring Online Certificate (EMC). Students have the option to enrol in individual courses without having to complete the Environmental Monitoring Certificate.

Self-paced (Start and finish on your time)
  • Online courses are non-refundable.