Empathy and Social Insight for Human-Centered Design Micro-Certification

In this micro-certification, participants will learn about why you need to develop an understanding of the people you are designing for, and how—through observation, empathy & social research—you will be able to define the problem or opportunity to focus on, identify and evaluate complex challenges and opportunities at the intersection of design, technology, and social theory.

The Empathy and Social Insight for Human-Centred Design Micro-Certification has been developed in collaboration with our industry partner Myant Inc. with support from eCampusOntario.

This Micro-Credential is delivered online only and requires a minimum of 20-26 hours of commitment with readings, exercises and application organized into 6 Modules.

Myant Inc. is the leader in the computing textile industry and pioneers in the development of functionalized garments that positively impact health care diagnostics and interventions.

As part of the modules in each micro-credential, you will complete assignments and exercises outlined in each micro-credential. These build towards the required evidence for each micro-credential that is submitted at the end of the micro-credential modules.

Successfully demonstrated application the key outcomes as part of the required evidencing will be recognized with a digital badge for the specific micro-credential. A link to the badge will be sent via email that can be added to resumes and posted on social media platforms.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Employ a basic design vocabulary of elements and principles as related to human-centred design
  • Consider relevant ethnographic research methods to understand people and context for uncovering insights
  • Identify and evaluate complex challenges and opportunities at the intersections of design, technology, and social theory.
  • Six online classroom sessions
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Course Requirements

Regular access to a computer with a high-speed broadband internet connection is required.


Course Cancellations

Please note that courses may be cancelled at any time due to low enrolment. Upon cancellation, registrants will receive a full refund.

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