Executive Leadership: Powerful Presentations - Virtual Delivery

UNBC Presentations

NEW! This course provides the skills and methods needed to effectively plan, structure, and deliver impactful business presentations that meet your objectives and move your audience into action.

Effective presentation skills have become an essential professional competency for professionals of all levels, yet many surveys place presenting at or near the top of most feared activities.

Learn how to adapt your presentation for diverse audiences, key stakeholders, and gain valuable tips for different delivery formats including virtual and face to face. Overcome internal inhibitors such as nervousness as well as external challenges, such as grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention and overcoming logistical and environmental challenges. Through experiential practice and rich feedback, you will develop key skills to present with focus and confidence.

Due to the level of one-on-one coaching and feedback, class size is capped at 12.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who need to influence stakeholders or key decision-makers within their organization through formal presentations.
  • Professionals transferring to a role which requires an increase in presenting.
  • Professionals in leadership roles who have to present and persuade their teams on a regular basis, whether around changing priorities, new change initiatives, etc.
  • Professionals who want to improve general presentation skills (work-related).
  • Professionals who want to increase their confidence in presenting.
  • Professionals who don’t get the results that they expect from presentations.
  • Professionals who don’t know how to package all the elements together.

Course Outline

  • Assess your skills on planning, structuring and delivering presentations.
  • Deep dive into the elements for strong delivery and presence and conduct a short presentation, focusing on delivery skills, with immediate feedback.
  • Understand how to formulate a presentation objective and how to effectively analyze your audience
  • Learn the core aspects of structuring, including a formula to open and close strongly.
  • Practice a powerful opening that grabs attention.
  • Discuss challenges and solutions to enhance virtual presentations.
  • Review strategies on how to handle difficult audience questions.
  • Deliver a 5 min presentation, bringing all skills together, with rich feedback from group and instructor.

About the Instructor - Adrienne Serrao

With over 20 years of coaching and facilitation experience, Adrienne brings a wealth of expertise in leadership development and communications. She has been teaching presentation skills for over 15 years, creating a safe and nurturing space for participants to experiment and gain confidence as they develop strong skills. Having worked with a variety of audiences from the corporate, non-profit and government sectors, Adrienne’s highly collaborative and energetic style keep audiences engaged. She holds a MA in Leadership and Organization Development, is an ICF-certified coach and is certified in the EQI 2.0 assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the objective of your presentation.
  • Plan and organize your presentation type, theme, and contents by assessing audience needs and preferences.
  • Develop and deliver persuasive presentations with authority, poise, and relevance.
  • Gain strategies when presenting virtually as well as handling challenging questions from your audience.
  • Build confidence with individual feedback throughout the session.
Virtual Classroom
  • 9:00am - 4:00pm (PST)
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Course Prerequisites

You are encouraged to bring your own presentation topic to class, or you will be able to choose from several scenarios provided by the instructor. Though the focus of this class is not on developing presentations using software, we highly recommend that you bring a personal computer with presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint as some of your practical exercises will require the use of visuals.


Course Cancellations

Please note that courses may be cancelled at any time due to low enrolment. Upon cancellation, registrants will receive a full refund.