Mass Timber - Advanced Manufacturing Techniques I

The use of mass timber is growing in BC, bringing jobs in construction, design, and fabrication.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques I introduces students to modern manufacturing tools by demystifying their development and operation. After a brief historical overview of commonly known tools and methods, advanced manufacturing techniques are examined and explained, including CNC (computer numerical control), industrial robots, CAD (computer aided design), CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and post processing.  Machine types, axis systems, and considerations for choosing an appropriate set-up to meet manufacturing requirements are covered in detail.

Students leave the course with the basic knowledge needed to make informed decisions on tooling and software for large or small production processes.

This course is online and self-paced. It can be taken on its own or as a component of the Mass Timber Development Micro-credential.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the development of tools from prehistory to the industrial revolutions and present day
  • Choose appropriate additive or subtractive manufacturing techniques
  • Understand the development of CNC, CAD, CAM, industrial robots and post processing
  • Identify CNC components and configurations
  • Understand how axes are used on different CNC machines and industrial robots
  • Use the knowledge gained to choose the most appropriate system for a given application

Course Requirements

Students must have access to a computer with reliable internet access. Students must complete all assignments and quizzes as required.



The $50 promotional price is for the 2022-23 school year only.