Mass Timber - Advanced Manufacturing Techniques II

The use of mass timber is growing in BC, bringing jobs in construction, design, and fabrication. 

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques II is a continuation of AMT I, and guides students through the use of advanced manufacturing techniques, from prefabrication to workflow to programming.

Prefabrication is defined and the various levels of prefabrication, including their influence on the perception of prefabrication, are explained. The role of technology and automation is also examined in the context of manufacturing prefabricated building elements. Workflow is addressed in detail, with in-depth discussion of modeling and modeling strategies. The course also covers how machine capabilities inform workflow decision making. Finally, a programming overview familiarizes students with CNC machine and robot programming, with examples using G-Code and BVX.

This course is online and self-paced. It can be taken on its own or as a component of the Mass Timber Development Micro-credential.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the levels of prefabrication in use in the construction industry
  • Understand the roles of various labour-saving devices and automation
  • Think critically about the level of automation needed
  • Understand the workflow process
  • Appreciate specific modeling details and the strategies that result in more efficient modeling
  • Make workflow decisions based on machine capabilities
  • Follow G-Code programming and generate simple program
  • Follow BVX programming, for use on some beam processors
  • Appreciate unique robot programming considerations

Course Requirements

Students must have access to a computer with reliable internet access. Students must complete all assignments and quizzes as required.

Course Prerequisites

Successful completion of Advanced Manufacturing Techniques I.



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