Safe and Effective Electrofishing Certificate

electrofishing certificate training course

Electrofishing is a common scientific survey method used to sample fish populations to determine abundance, density, and species composition. This course introduces participants to safe and effective backpack electrofishing practices and provides an opportunity to apply those techniques in a field setting under an instructor’s guidance.

Consisting of an eight-hour classroom component and four-hour field component, this course covers the basic theory of electrofishing, standard backpack setup, understanding of environmental settings, safety risks, precautions and safe work procedures.

At the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of electrofishing techniques and will have demonstrated effective electrofishing. There will be a short written exam at the end of the second day.

Learning Outcomes

  • List requirements to electrofish and electrofishing systems
  • Describe basic physics principles
  • Discuss equipment components, settings and techniques
  • Describe preventative safety measures
  • Explain how techniques change based on environmental conditions
  • Identify fish health considerations
  • Participate in tailgate meeting
  • Demonstrate safe electrofishing
  • Experiment with technique
  • Demonstrate safe fish handling

Course Prerequisites

Successful students must have a valid WorkSafeBC approved First Aid Course with a CPR component prior to validating their certification. When working outside of B.C., you must ensure that you have the appropriate First Aid training to electrofish in that province or territory. The following course criteria must be met to become certified in electrofishing: 1) Attendance in both classroom and field component of UNBC certification course 2) Demonstration of competency during field component 3) Grade of 80% or higher on written exam This certification does not expire; however, recertification is encouraged if there has been a gap in regular electrofishing activities or if required by employer or client. A WorkSafeBC approved electrofishing certification is required to conduct electrofishing in B.C.


Target Audience

This certificate is targeted towards individuals that require Electrofishing Certification as required by Worksafe BC in B.C. or as required in other parts of Canada. Biologists, environmental technicians, consultants, first nations, fisheries students and industry would benefit from this certification.