Spruce Beetle Ground Surveying

With increasing spruce beetle caused mortality in British Columbia’s central interior there is a need to increase knowledge of the beetle and ensure that ground detection crews are proficient in survey methods. The Spruce Beetle Ground Surveying course is offered to forest consulting personnel who intend to bid on and conduct ground detection survey contracts, and government and licensee personnel engaged in planning and administering survey contracts, or checking the field work of others.

This course examines:
• Beetle biology, life cycle, and signs/symptoms of attack
• Causes of outbreaks and duration
• Stand susceptibility and risk rating
• Aerial and ground detection methods
• Walkthroughs, probes, hybrid methods and data summarization
• Control tactics

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to accurately identify spruce beetle and the year of attack
  • Properly classify attacked trees
  • How to record data on the Spruce Beetle Probe card (FS 1111) and Compass and Traverse Sheet (FS 375)
  • Transpose data to the Spruce Beetle Summary Sheet
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