Supervisor Fundamentals Course - Tools of the Trade: Networking, Email Etiquette & Prioritizing

As new technologies develop and change at a rapid pace, our networks grow exponentially both in size and importance. We are also confronted with more information than ever before. How you manage these aspects of your business is paramount to your organization's success. This final module of the Supervisor Fundamentals Certificate introduces participants to networking, prioritization, and email practices for effective message delivery and communications management.

From this course, you will discover how to better communicate and effectively convey passion for what it is you and your teams do enhancing your networking abilities. You will also understand how crucial prioritizing is to your company's operations and develop your ability to prioritize effectively. Finally, you will discover the importance of word selection when communicating through email and learn to choose your words wisely. You will also acquire must know email etiquette knowledge that will not only keep you 'out of trouble' but will also help you to quickly wade through the mass of daily emails.​

Prince George, BC
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