Understanding Bipolar Disorder - Virtual Delivery

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Bipolar Disorder (BD) is a serious mental health problem that typically creates chaos in an individual’s life, often leading to risky and impulsive behaviors, damaged relationship and careers, substance use problems, hospitalization, and even suicide. Because of the complexity of this disorder – the different episodes, variability of symptoms from person to person as well as from episode to episode within the same individual.

Bipolar Disorder can be difficult for clinicians to recognize; improper diagnosis leads to improper treatment, which can cause worsening of symptoms for individuals. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, however, it’s often equally as difficult to help our clients to accept and understand this diagnosis, which contributes to difficulties following prescribed treatment recommendations.

In this webinar you will learn about bipolar disorder, including the different diagnostic categories of BD and its causes. Participants will learn about the disorders that often co-occur with bipolar disorder and the difficulties people experience in living with this and the co-morbid disorders.

In gaining a greater understanding yourself as a clinician of bipolar disorder, you will be in a more effective position to help your clients to understand and accept their mental health problems, which will typically lead to improved outcomes for clients.  

NOTE: This is the recommended prerequisite for clinicians wanting to take the DBT Informed Treatment of Bipolar Disorder-Virtual Delivery webinar.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be familiar with the DSM-V diagnoses, rates, and aetiology of bipolar disorder
  • Have an understanding of the co-morbidities, suicidality and other difficulties in living with BD
  • Have an understanding of important information to provide psychoeducation to clients
  • Be more able to help clients accept and understand their illness through psychoeducation
  • Be familiar with current evidence-based treatments for BD
Virtual Classroom
  • 8:30am - 10:00am PST
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Course Requirements

Students must have a computer with webcam and a strong internet connection in order to attend and participate in class.


Course Cancellations

Please note that courses may be cancelled at any time due to low enrolment. Upon cancellation, registrants will receive a full refund.