User Testing and Launch for Human Centered Design Micro-credential

Building on existing collaborative relationships between OCAD University and the University's industry partners, the Human-Centred Design Micro-Credential Series focuses on key skills in areas of product design and development. This micro-credential will be developed in collaboration with Myant Inc.

User Testing + Launch is the third micro-credential that completes the Human-Centred Design Series. This micro-credential consists of one intensive course that builds on the research and design knowledge gained from the Empathy + Social Insight for Human-Centred Design and Ideation + Prototyping for Human-Centred Design micro-credentials. Students gain the skills required to conduct user testing, implement design iterations, and complete the final stages of design and development before launching a new product. 

This course is offered in partnership with OCAD University to offer a wide range of courses for enhancing your career expertise in web, design, photography, analytics, and technology. 

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Learning Outcomes

  • The ability to describe and embed the design principles of why, where, and how to use these skills
  • The ability to apply principles of design thinking into the final stage of a product design
  • An intermediate understanding of inclusive and accessible design practices
  • The ability to describe and embed the cycle of user research to iterate/validate ideas
  • The ability to embed iterative design around constraints
  • The ability to conduct user testing, collect feedback, and apply new findings to update assumptions
  • An understanding of the relevant components to plan a product launch
  • An understanding of the interpersonal and communication skills required to collaborate with production teams and manage stakeholders
  • An understanding of the methods of evaluating and monitoring the success of a launch
Summer 2023
Date & Time:
12 Jun 2023 to 21 Jul 2023
  • 6 online classroom sessions
Instructor: Price:
Registration Deadline:
June 7, 2023

Course Requirements

Regular access to a computer with a high speed broadband internet connection is required. Students must maintain a minimum of 80% class attendance per course. Instructors assess the student’s work and issue a pass or fail grade (student must receive a passing grade to qualify for the micro-credential).


Course Cancellations

Please note that courses may be cancelled at any time due to low enrolment. Upon cancellation, registrants will receive a full refund.

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