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What does UNBC buy?

We procure all types of supplies, equipment, services and construction. We use these to fill the requirements of our offices, laboratories, buildings, classrooms, and researchers. We also contract professional services for consultation, food services, printing services, janitorial services, etc.

How does UNBC make purchases?

For purchases under $20,000, UNBC solicits three informal quotes. Planned spend in excess of $20,000 are posted publicly. UNBC posts the RFx documents on it's Bonfire system. Bid opportunities are posted on BC Bid. To register/view opportunities on Bonfire, please visit

Who can I sell to?

You may be contacted by a department or faculty member from any one of our campuses - Prince George, Quesnel, Fort St. John, Terrace or Prince Rupert - to provide a quote. The final purchase order or contract will be issued centrally from the Contracts and Supply Chain Management department at the Prince George campus.

How do I sell my goods and services to UNBC?

You may provide current brochures and catalogues electronically to Contracts and Supply Chain Management. Departments may refer to them from this office or if there is a specific end user (such as audio/visual) we may forward them the information.

Be competitive and responsive. When submitting a competitive bid, do exactly as the invitation requests. We can consider your bid only if it meets the stated requirements. We award most contracts and purchase orders to the responsive, responsible bidder who offers the lowest price. The University is not bound to awarding the contract to the lowest bidder. Awards are made based on the selection criteria but there are times when significant weight on terms such as availability or service may be our main concern and the award is made the bidder that can supply these but has bid a higher price.

Finally, when you receive an order or contract, do exactly as it states. If you run into trouble, let the Contracts and Supply Chain Management Manager, Purchasing Agent or Contract Coordinator know immediately.

Do not take an order from anyone else unless prior arrangements have been made. Individuals holding a valid UNBC MasterCard procurement card may place orders for certain transactions. Never release goods without a valid UNBC purchase order or a valid UNBC MasterCard. To do so will result in your payment being delayed or denied.

You may contact and set meetings up with the end users at UNBC, however Purchasing would like to be aware that you are on campus and who you are speaking to. This will ensure that if a bid is in progress you are not jeopardizing your chance to bid.

Where can I sell my goods and services?

The address, phone number and fax number for Contracts and Supply Chain Management is as follows:

University of Northern British Columbia
Contracts and Supply Chain Management
3333 University Way
Prince George, BC
V2N 4Z9

Phone: 250-960-5558
Fax: 250-960-5507

What guides UNBC purchasing?

As a public entity of the Province, special rules guide our business dealings. Our purchasing rules are similar to all other public bodies. These rules make sure our purchasing actions are consistent, ethical and fair to all parties.

What are ethical rules that apply?

Potential bidders, contractors and University staff must abide by a Code of Ethics. University staff must report any attempts to improperly influence contract awards. The University monitors and reports any suspected anti-competitive activity. The Purchasing staff at UNBC adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.

Doing business with the University can be a mutually beneficial experience. As a government entity of the Province of British Columbia, we are a good solid customer. We understand that dealing with the government can seem taxing at times. That is why we are eager to simplify our requirements and help you through the process.

We pledge to follow the laws, maintain open competition and meet the needs of the University for its students, faculty and staff. As a member of the vendor community, we value your ideas! Please offer your suggestions for ways we can cut our costs and do a better job of buying your goods and services.


How do I submit a bid?

Read the entire document carefully. It will explain the items or services we require and the terms of the contract if you are the successful bidder. It will also explain how we evaluate bids and exactly how to submit your bid.

We award bids to the responsible bidders who meet all of the specifications, terms and conditions of the Tenders or Requests for Proposal. Thus, to get a contract:

  • Bid low - Calculate your best competitive price.
  • Be responsive - Offer goods or services that meet our specifications, delivery needs, and other terms. Include any descriptive literature or other items required for use to make an informative decision. Do not include samples unless requested to do so.
  • Be responsible - Make sure you can carry out all the terms of the contract.
  • Review the bidder's checklist - Do exactly as it states.
  • Identify and seal your bid envelope - Write the bid number, date and opening time on the outside of your envelope. Your bid may be revealed early before the award or not opened at all if it is unmarked or mismarked.
  • Have your bid in on time (early if possible) - We must receive your bid in our office before the stated bid opening date and time. Late bids will be returned to the bidder unopened.

What if I have questions or suggestions?

As instructed in the tenders or RFP's, please write or fax the person who has signed the tender or RFP for any ambiguities or errors in the bid. Depending on the nature of your comments or questions, we will issue an addendum to let all bidders know of any necessary changes. We value your ideas to save money and improve the bid process.

You may ask for a pre-bid conference if we have not already scheduled one. We invite all bidders to bring their bid questions and concerns to these meetings. If any changes are necessary, we will send a bid addendum to all bidders holding documents. If it is stated in the tender or RFP that a site pre-bid meeting is mandatory, you must attend. Failure to do so will result in you being disqualified from submitting a bid on that particular tender or RFP.

What happens at bid openings?

As all formal tenders and RFP's at UNBC are opened publicly, any bidder or person may attend. We will publicly open all bids at the date, time and place stated in the invitation for bids. UNBC will disclose the bidder's name and if indicated in the tender or RFP, the total tendered price. All other information is held confidential as it may be proprietary to the bidder.

What if my bid is late?

As stated earlier UNBC Purchasing cannot accept late bids. A late bid is one that is received in the Purchasing Office after the time and date stated on the bid request. UNBC will not be responsible for late air carriers, couriers, mail delivery, or hand delivery. Late bids will be opened. We will consider a late bid as timely ONLY if our Purchasing Department caused the delay.

How will UNBC evaluate my bid?

We verify that the lowest offer meets all the specifications, terms and conditions of the tender or RFP. We then make the award to the responsible bidder whose proposal offers the best value. If we request proposals, we may specify evaluation factors other than price, especially if for professional services.

Each request tells how we will evaluate and award the bid or proposal. We will make awards based only on the evaluation criteria stated in the request.

Why would my bid be rejected?

We will reject your bid if it:

  • is late
  • doesn't meet the specification, quality, or delivery terms
  • is conditioned upon receiving other awards
  • proposes alternative terms or qualifying conditions (unless allowed)
  • contains more than one price per item (unless quoting on an alternate product)
  • did not follow the bidder's checklist


How do I know who won the award?

Shortly after the bid opening and evaluation for a large purchase, we send each bidder a Notice of Award stating who the award was made to. This information is also placed on the BC Bid website.

What if I disagree with the contract award?

Check with the bid package to see if we made the award as promised. If a problem exists, immediately contact the Purchasing Agent in writing to see if we made an error or to ask for an explanation. We will attempt to correct any legitimate error we make.

If you still disagree with the award, you may file a formal written protest. This should be addressed to the Director, Contracts and Supply Chain Management. We must receive the protest within 10 calendar days of the date of the Notice of Award. Any protest must include a detailed statement of the legal and factual grounds of the protest, copies of relevant documents, and the form of relief requested. We will respond within 5 days of receiving your letter of protest.

What happens now that I have the contract?

Do all you can to meet the delivery and other terms of the contract. If the written contract does not agree with your understanding of it, call the Director, Contracts and Supply Chain Management. If you accept verbal orders or changes made by unauthorized personnel, it is at your risk and expense.

What if I can't deliver as promised?

If, for any reason, you can not meet the terms of the purchase (price, delivery, quantity) notify the Purchasing Department immediately. Whether conditions are within or beyond your control, we need to know about problems in order to help you meet your part of the contract.

We have a responsibility to our end users to ensure that goods and services ordered arrive on time for their use. Time is of the essence in a University setting as delays in deliveries may result in classes being cancelled or research projects failing. We cannot afford either!

How do I submit invoices?

Submit a detailed invoice to the Accounts Payable department of the University. Be sure to include:

  • Purchase Order or Contract Number
  • list items as listed on the Purchase Order
  • any terms
  • whether it is a partial or final invoice

Do not send invoices to any other department or individual.

When will I get paid?

We usually make invoice payments on a net 30 days basis of the date on a correct invoice or upon satisfactory receipt of goods or services, whichever is later. We will take any discounts for prompt payment if earned.

Unless the contract disallows, we will make partial payments based on partial deliveries. We cannot make pre-payments except in the case of subscriptions. Since we have no way of paying for C.O.D. (cash on delivery) orders, we will return these to you freight collect.

If you experience payment delays, make sure:

  • you have a valid purchase order or contract issued by Purchasing & Contract personnel.
  • the University has received the goods in good order.
  • the accounts payable department received a correct invoice with any supporting documents.

Missing any of the steps will delay or at times prevent payment. Call Contracts and Supply Chain Management at 250-960-5558 if you need help.