The University has a contract through BCNet for stationery with Staples. The highest discount is available through the Staples Eway system. Typically, Administrative Assistants and Administrative Coordinators have profiles set up in Eway.

To have a profile created, complete an Online Stationery Account Request form located on the forms page, and submit to

Orders can be placed through the Staples website directly with a purchasing card, but the preferred discount will not be available. If an item is unavailable from Staples, the University has an account with Mills locally.

Stationery available in Distribution Services

Distribution Services keeps #10 envelopes printed with the main university logo as well as 9" x 12" envelopes.

Window envelopes must be ordered separately through a web requisition.

Copy Paper

To order copy paper for the photocopiers, complete a Distribution Services Requisition form from the Distribution Services page, and submit to