Catering requests

A UNBC MasterCard is to be used to pay for orders picked up or delivered from a restaurant.

Catering requests are required when the vendor is attending a site to serve food. This usually involves a contract.

Please allow sufficient time for the contract to be reviewed as there may be clauses which need to be reviewed and approved by our insurer before the contract is executed.

When creating a web requisition for catering requests please include the following:

  • Date(s) of event
  • Attach travel authorization form(s) (if applicable)
  • Event ID number (if applicable)
  • Contact name, phone and e-mail
  • Estimated cost of event (this is the amount on the quote)
  • Attach quote and/or contract and third-party billing form
  • Breakdown of separate items:
    • Hotel rooms (number of UNBC employees and number of non-UNBC employees)
    • Meeting rooms
    • Food services and beverages
    • AV support
    • Gratuity

The originator must review and approve the event details of the contract/agreement prior to forwarding to Contracts and Supply Chain Management for approval. Contracts and Supply Chain Management will execute the contract to be forwarded to the vendor. If changes are to be made to the contract/web requisition then the web requisition will be returned to originator to revise and resubmit (e.g. extra charges when invoiced). If the originator receives a revised contract/agreement this must be forwarded to Contracts and Supply Chain Management for approval.