This checklist will help you navigate the steps you are required to do in order to graduate from UNBC.

Confirm degree and requirements
Apply to graduate (mandatory)
Invitation Letter for family
Graduand RSVP form (mandatory)
Regalia Rental Information
UNBC Email
Convocation Day
Guest Tickets

1. Confirm degree and requirements

Undergraduate Students

Use the Degree Evaluation Tool within Student Online Services to confirm that the current curriculum appearing for you is the program you intend to graduate with. If the curriculum appears incorrect (example: missing a minor), please submit the appropriate declaration form found here.

If you have any questions about your degree requirements, please see Student Advising.

Graduate students

This step is not required.

2. Apply to graduate (mandatory)

The Application to Graduate is mandatory for processing all graduation requests, and must be done upon registration of your last semester. A non-refundable, non-transferable processing fee will accompany each application. If you are graduating with multiple credentials (e.g. a degree and a certificate) you will need to apply for each separately. This form is processed by the Office of the Registrar / Credentials Unit, the online application for graduation is now open.

Apply to graduate

3. Invitation letter for graduands with family members needing letter for VISA

If you have family members who require a VISA for travelling to the May 31, 2024 Annual Convocation Ceremony in Prince George, graduates should go to to download the "Confirmation of Graduation" Form.  Under the "REQUEST" area select the box/option "International Invitation to Graduation Letter". 

You will need to indicate each individual and their relationship to you on the form.  The form should be submitted to on/before the end of April 2024.

4. Complete the online Graduand RSVP Form (mandatory)

Students who have applied to graduate, or who have had a degree conferred in the September or January semesters, must ALSO submit an online Graduand RSVP. This form is processed by the Office of the Registrar / Convocation Unit.  The online Graduand RSVP Form will be available in March 2024, graduands will receive an email once the form is ready.

Why is the form mandatory?

  • To advise if you are, or are not, attending Convocation Ceremonies/Regional Graduate Celebrations.
  • To ensure you receive emailed information about all things Convocation.
  • If not attending, to provide up-to-date address information in order to have your parchment mailed/couriered (if in Prince George pick up is normally required). 

RSVP Notes:

  1. Log into your MyUNBC link and look at the Announcements.  Then click on the link to open the Graduand RSVP Form.
  2. Click on "Fill Graduand RSVP Form."
  3. Select whether you plan to participate in May 31st Convocation Ceremony, and/or Regional Graduate Celebrations. 
    1. If you select "I Will" there is no parchment selection - parchments will be held for the Convocation Ceremony you attend (or will go to the Regional Celebration if you are not attending the Convocation Ceremony on May 31st).
    2. If you select "Will not" you will be prompted to select from "Courier" or "Pick up" options (Note: If you live in Prince George pick up is expected). 
      1. Two important notes:
        1. The Pick up option is dependent on Provincial Health guidelines at the time.
        2. Courier costs - may be applied when shipping parchments.
  4. Update your mailing address to where you can receive the parchment in June (will be sent after Convocation Ceremony, and cannot be a PO Box), ensure your phone number is up to date.
  5. Provide an alternate email (optional). 
  6. Vote for Class Song using the drop down box.
  7. Read the Privacy & Consent section - contact the UNBC Convocation Office via if you DO NOT WANT TO HAVE YOUR NAME PUBLISHED in the Online Convocation Ceremony Programme.
  8. Click that you consent and have understood the instructions.
  9. Click the "Submit" button.

5. Regalia Rental Information

If participating in the Convocation Ceremony and/or Graduate Celebrations graduands are required to rent black gowns (or specific graduate level regalia) as well as the appropriate hoods for their degree.

A) May 31 Convocation Ceremony

Rental Fees & Information for Gown & Hood - NOW CLOSED

  • Black gown and hood
  • Black gown (available only to grads with certificates or diplomas)
  • Mortarboard with black tassel and a keepsake tassel (optional purchase directly from the Bookstore)
B) Gown & Hood Rentals for Northeast, Northwest, South-Central Campus Graduate Celebrations

Rental via UNBC Bookstore - Available in 2024

  • Visit
  • Select "Shop"
  • Select "Convocation Event"
  • Grads must select the "Grad Regalia Rental Fee" option (includes rental fee and refundable deposit)
  • Select gown size (S/M/L/XL - goes by height)
  • Select the correct hood (based on degree granted i.e. BComm, MA, etc.)  NOTE:  No hood for diploma/certificate credentials
  • Optional purchase of a mortarboard with a black tassel and a 2024 keepsake tassel
  • Once finished selections go to your cart
  • Create your account
  • Select "deliver" or "pickup", deliver will add shipping cost if you want it directly mailed to you / you can select your campus for pickup and staff at the campus should let you know when it arrives.
  • Add your Student ID to "Comment" section before completing the payment

Return regalia by June 15 to UNBC Bookstore and deposit will be refunded. Late returns will be charged $25 per item, damage fees will vary if applicable.

C) Grads Attending Both May 31st Convocation Ceremony and Graduate Celebration Events

Grads attending both the May 31 Convocation Ceremony and a Graduate Celebration at Northeast, Northwest, South-Central Campus should book their regalia via the steps in "Step B) Gown & Hood Rentals for Northeast, Northwest, South-Central Campus Graduate Celebrations".

D) Mortarboard with black tassel and a 2024 keepsake tassel (available for all campuses)

Optional purchase
Available for purchase via the UNBC Bookstore online or in-store. 
NOTE: For CUPE Local 3799 Graduates, the UNBC Bookstore offers free mortarboard & tassel

E) Regalia Loan Prior to Convocation/Graduate Celebrations for External Grad Photo Sessions

If you have booked an external grad photo session and require a regalia loan for gown/hood with optional purchase of mortarboard and tassel, email with the following information:

  • Subject Line:  Regalia Loan/Purchase Cap/Tassel for External Grad Photo Session.
  • Include in Email Message:  a) Date of External Photo Session, b) Date requesting Bookstore to have ready by, c) Gown size requested (S/M/L/XL - based on height), d) Student ID Number, e) Hood type requested (i.e. degree granted to you - i.e. BComm, MSc, etc.).
  • NOTE:  A deposit will be required for regalia loan.
  • Grads will have gown/hood/mortarboard/tassel provided for those that have booked individual grad photo sessions

6. Ensure fees are paid

If you have any outstanding fees, or have parking and library fines, you will not receive your parchment until you have paid in full. To verify if your account is in good standing, log into MyUNBC and click the Student Records tab. 

Please note any recent parking or library fines may not show up on your account, so if you have any questions, please contact the Cashier's Office to confirm your status: or call 250-960-5631.

7. Check UNBC email

In order to ensure privacy, all email communications related to your official degree audit and Convocation are sent to your UNBC student email account. If you cannot access this account, your password may need to be changed.  

If you applied to graduate, various emails will be sent. If you are not receiving any information about graduation or Convocation please contact to let us know.  You can also check your spam/junk folder as sometimes the inbox filter needs to be changed to permit bulk emails from "Campaigner" - the bulk email sender that the UNBC Convocation Office uses.

Note: maintaining access to UNBC email is your responsibility; external preferred emails will not be used for graduation purposes. If you are having issues with your email please email

8. Prepare for convocation day

In accordance with the British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, UNBC publicly discloses the names, hometowns, and credentials of graduates during Convocation, celebrations, ceremonies, and related events. Graduates may also be recorded or photographed during these events, or provide their own personal content to include at these events. By participating in these activities, you are consenting to any of your recordings or photographs taken during Convocation to be used for promotional purposes and that use can be disclosed to you anytime a request for this information is made in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We hope that all members of the UNBC Community will be sensitive to those that wish to follow social distancing measures.

If you have any issues with being published in the program, or participating in the ceremony, you can apply for an exemption. Please contact the Convocation Office for further inquiry:


Please read all the communications sent to you and use the website as reference. It is your responsibility to keep informed, and we do our best to message on multiple platforms (email, website, and social media). We are certainly here to answer any questions you have, but a lot of information is easily found if you prepare.

We may send you information that would be helpful to your parents, friends and family, so feel free to forward it along to them. Give them all the information they need to help celebrate your amazing accomplishment.

9. Guest tickets for Annual Convocation Ceremonies (Charles Jago Northern Sport Centre) - Available in 2024

Use your "" email address (not an alumni one) to log-in to the AudienceView ticketing system
Use Chrome or Firefox browser

It is very important that you register for your guest tickets as soon as possible and "donate back" the ones you don't need. We want to be able to help as many graduates as possible who may need more.

Round 1: Each graduate can register and receive up to four (4) guest e-tickets, with the ability to be wait listed for an additional two guest tickets in Round 2. Graduates can also "donate back" any of the original four (4) tickets that they do not need.

Round 2: If venue space permits, additional guest tickets will be considered and allocated, you'll receive an email to the email address you noted within AudienceView's ticketing system.

To sign-in to the ticketing platform, use your "" login information.

IMPORTANT TIPS for once you are logged in to AudienceView ticketing system:

  1. Please read the "Convocation Information" within the preface page on the AudienceView ticketing system - found AFTER you click on the "Get Tickets" area.
  2. After submitting your guest ticket order, an email with your eticket links will be sent to your email (or the one you specified within the AudienceView ticketing system). If you do not receive the email within 10-15 minutes, then check your Spam/Junk folder and update your email box filter.
  3. Your guests must have the eticket or the printed ticket in hand at the NSC.  Each ticket has a unique barcode so one ticket per guest is required. Your guest will present their ticket to the Convocation Ceremony to gain entry into the gymnasium.
    • Guest tickets are scanned at the NSC Gymnasium door, but seating within is general seating (guests choose their seats).
    • For those guests who do not have tickets, there will be a live stream/audience overflow area in the Canfor Theatre (Rm 6-213 Conference Centre - main campus).
  4. If your guests have accessibility needs (ex: can't go up/down bleacher seats, hard of hearing, etc.), there are mobility & closed captioning questions on the AudienceView ticketing system that you can complete. The Convocation Office will then contact you to discuss available accessibility options for your guests.
Graduate Celebrations at our other UNBC campuses may require tickets.  Further information can be found via the  "Programs and Schedules"  menu tab and then selecting the appropriate campus.

10. Celebrate your day!

UNBC's Convocation Ceremonies are a special and positive occasion to celebrate you, our amazing graduates. Take the time to enjoy your achievements and know we are so very proud of you!