Guest FAQ

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Who do I contact to get information on graduation details?
Ask your family or friend who is graduating. In accordance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy regulations, we cannot give out personal information about students; however, you have various methods of getting important information. This FAQ may answer some of your questions, but please also visit the Ceremony Information section for more details.

How do I get tickets to my graduate's ceremony?
Each student will be required to register their own guests. The Prince George ceremonies will require a ticket for entry of each guest. Students are allotted four (4) tickets, with the possibility of registering for more, once the limited additional tickets come available. These additional tickets are limited to two (2) per student, and on a first come first served basis.

Note: For Regional campuses, ticket registration is still required but the venue may or may not take the tickets at the door.

I will need accommodation seating, who do I contact to reserve that?
Please let your graduate know you require accommodation seating; they need to select Accessibility seating when they register for tickets online. Note that reservations in this section are limited to two (2) per graduate, and will be included in the four (4) ticket total allotment. For questions please contact the email or call 250-960-6304.

When should I arrive at the ceremony to get a good seat?
Guests are allowed to arrive one hour prior to the ceremony, and line up outside the Northern Sport Centre (NSC). There is general seating on the bleachers and a limited number on the floor. There are no assigned seats, so it is first come first serve; however, there is a limited accessibility section which requires an Accessibility ticket.

What happens if I couldn't get a ticket?
For guests without a ticket, there is a Live Feed of the ceremonies available for viewing in the Canfor Theatre (6-213) on the main campus. There is also a live stream available through the UNBC website for remote viewing.

What happens if I forget my ticket?
No guests are allowed into the venue without at ticket, so please visit the front desk for assistance.

Note: Due to privacy reasons, we may need the graduate to confirm your identity in order to re-issue you a ticket.

Can I hand flowers to my graduate during the ceremony?
No. You can certainly bring flowers into the NSC, but for the safety of graduates and guests we ask that you refrain from intercepting them on the floor. Flowers can be given to your loved ones after the ceremony is over.

Guests have the option of purchasing flowers from a vendor who is situated in the lobby of the NSC prior to both ceremonies. The bouquets will be available for pick-up at the NSC front desk after the ceremony.

Can I take pictures during the ceremony?
No. We encourage families and friends to take advantage of the professional photographer and reserve personal photography for the campus, as there will be opportunity to take photos before and after the ceremony.

Are we allowed to clap and shout out for our graduate?
Although we understand this is a very exciting time for both graduates and their families, UNBC would like to respect the formality of the occasion as much as possible. Please keep personal acknowledgements to a respectful level, which will ensure an equal celebration for all the graduates. Clapping is welcome at the end of the ceremony, when the Class is announced.

We encourage you to take advantage of social media shout outs during the conferral of degrees. Please use #UNBCGrad2020 and #UNBC for all congratulations.

Note: No public Wifi is available, you will have to use your cell phone data plan to access Internet applications.

How can I help my graduate on the day?
Graduands are required to register prior to their ceremony. Since they will be processing from the registration area to the NSC just prior to the ceremony, we ask that any personal items, such as purses, are given to family or friends to keep safe. Please remind your graduate of this fact, and take any personal items from them after registration, in the designated area outside Student Street.

When can I meet up with my graduate after the ceremony?
For the first ceremony (morning) the graduates will recess back to the Agora to take their Class Photo. Please keep clear of the recession line at the NSC as you exit the building, and do not attempt to visit with you graduate at this time. You can meet up with your graduate after the photo has been taken, and also enjoy the Graduation Celebration in the Agora Courtyard.

For the second ceremony (afternoon), since the Class Photo is taken prior to the ceremony, you may meet up with your graduate immediately after the ceremony; however, you must stick to the established paths or grass areas in order to limit congestion and safety concerns with moving vehicles.