Student FAQ

Note: for the Student FAQ specific to UNBC's pandemic response and Virtual Convocation visit

What is e-ticketing?

This is the way you reserve tickets for guests that attend your ceremony. The link to register tickets will be found in your RSVP confirmation email. Log in with your UNBC student account to access online registration and ticket printing. You will be able to print/save yourself, or e-mail tickets to your family and friends for them to print. Please review the Convocation Checklist for more information.

Printed tickets are mandatory for guest entry into the Prince George ceremonies.

For Regional campuses, ticket registration is also required.

How do I get extra tickets for my ceremony?

Once the deadline for registration of tickets has passed (TBD), a limited amount of additional tickets may become available later (TBD). You will have a limit of two (2) additional tickets, and they are first come first served.

How do I donate my unused tickets to my friend?

You cannot donate tickets directly to your friend; however you can donate your unused tickets to the general pool. This general pool will be used for the second round registration, and allow other graduands to register up to an additional two (2) guest tickets.

Note: Once you donate your unused tickets they will be permanently rescinded, and you will not be able to get them back.

I didn't have enough tickets for all my family. What do I do?

For any family or friends that were above and beyond the limit of tickets available, there is a Live Feed viewing at the Canfor Theatre (6-213), as well as a live stream on the main UNBC website on the day of Convocation.

I have questions about requirements for graduation (ex. letter of permission, curriculum, etc.), who do I contact?

The Convocation Office deals with the Convocation ceremonies specifically, and activities directly related to conferral of degrees. For inquiries related to your academic file, please contact the Office of the Registrar: or call 250-960-6300.

How much does Convocation cost?

Required fees include the Application to Graduate processing fee, any outstanding fees on your student account, and gown rental if you are attending. Additional merchandise costs such as mortarboard, tassel, grad hoodie, and parchment frames are optional.

I am not coming to Convocation; do I need to fill out the online RSVP form?

Yes. This form tracks attendance to the ceremonies, how you will receive your parchment in lieu of attendance, tallies class song voting, allows you to provide an alternate email, and informs you about privacy as it relates to Convocation publications. These are all required pieces of information.

I have an outstanding fee on my account that I will not be able to pay before Convocation. My family is coming to see me graduate, what do I do?

You can still participate in the Convocation Ceremony with your fellow classmates, but your parchment will be replaced with a reminder to settle your account. If you end up paying the outstanding fees at the Cashier's Office on Convocation day, bring proof of payment and ID to the Front Desk of the NSC to pick up your parchment after the ceremony is over.

I said I wasn’t coming, but now I can make it. Is it too late?

We are happy you are able to come! If your plans change prior to the RSVP deadline you can log back in and make the adjustment. If you have to make a change after the RSVP deadline please notify us as soon as possible by emailing or calling 250-960-6304.

The same is true if you were coming, and now you are not, as this can impact the maximum seats that are allowed per graduand.

I am supposed to graduate but have not received any communication from the Convocation Office or the Office of the Registrar. What do I do?

Potential graduates will receive various regular emails and letters leading up to Convocation. If you are not receiving Convocation related emails please update all your contact information using your Student Services account, then contact or to let us know.

Note: To ensure privacy, all email communications are sent to your UNBC email account. If you cannot access this account, your password may need to be changed. Click here for instructions on how to change your password. It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to the student email account.

If you have unsubscribed to Campaigner, our email service provider, we will do our best to update you with important newsletters if you let us know, but cannot guarantee you will receive all communications.

Do I have a choice of which Convocation year I attend?

No. The Convocation Ceremony you attend is determined by the date you apply to graduate (the year you attend, and that your degree is conferred, is printed on your parchment). If you want to attend a later Convocation, you must cancel your current application to graduate and will be required to submit a new application for graduation in the desired year.

Note: the processing fee per application is non-refundable and non-transferable.

I need my parchment as proof of graduation. Can I get it before Convocation?

No. Parchments are not given to graduates until they are officially conferred at Convocation. However, you can request a letter from the Office of the Registrar which indicates your credential has been met. Please complete the Confirmation of Graduation form and return to the Office of the Registrar: or call 250-960-6300.

Which ceremony am I in?

Email communications leading up to Convocation will indicate which college you are in. You can also review last year's Convocation program to get a sense of which degrees are in which ceremony, but reminder this is subject to change.

I finished a joint degree with UNBC and another institution. Which ceremony do I attend?

For those who have completed an Engineering, Arts, or Medical degree, you may have a choice of attending here or elsewhere. Dependant on which degree, your parchment may be issued from a different institution. For more information please contact or call 250-960-6304.

I did not attend my ceremony, where do I get my parchment?

If you filled out the RSVP indicating you were not attending, gave you current address and paid the courier fee, your parchment will be sent out in June. If you indicated on the form you will pick up the parchment, you can do so at the Office of the Registrar starting the second week of June.

For those who did not RSVP, and did not indicate parchment mail or pick up preferences, you need to contact or call 250-960-6300 for further instructions.

Note: You can authorize someone else to pick up your parchment. Please complete the Parchment Pickup Letter of Authorization and return original to the Office of the Registrar.

My parchment has been lost/damaged. Can I get a new parchment?

Yes. You need to fill out an Alumni Parchment Replacement Request form. There is a fee associated with the request, and replacements will not be issued to individuals who owe outstanding fees or fines to the university. All documentation must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.