What is a Valedictorian?

The Valedictorian is "a person, usually the most outstanding graduate, who delivers a farewell speech at a graduation Ceremony." Their speech, or valedictory, is meant to commemorate the graduates time at UNBC and acts as a farewell to the institution, peers, faculty, and staff who have helped graduates along the way.

One Valedictorian is chosen for each of the University's Convocation Ceremonies. These individuals represent students from their Ceremony and give a final address.

Poignant and fitting to the Class, the Valedictorian's brief speech speaks on behalf of all graduates. It signifies a moment of celebration and respect to all those who have made the journey through classes, papers, projects, and exams to the final culmination of all that hard work, their degree.

Nominations for Valedictorian

Nomination period: January 12 - February 16, 2024

Valedictorians are nominated by their peers for outstanding achievements. One is chosen for each Convocation Ceremony. These individuals represent their fellow students and give a final address at their respective ceremony. Nominees need to read the Roles and Responsibilities for Valedictorian document and the Valedictorian Information Package and then coordinate with their nominators to submit an application using the online nomination form. No hard copy packages will be accepted.

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