Field Crews

Directions for field crews


  • Students and crew can continue to travel in buses and motor vehicles with usual capacity levels.
  • Masks are recommended to be worn by all those who are able when travelling together.

Health check

  • A daily health check must be performed by all crew before heading into the field; if participants are ill they are not to attend.
  • If a participant is ill, isolate the crew member, if possible, in a lone room for symptoms to be monitored, wearing a mask and enhanced sanitization practices.
  • If illness persists, consider whether symptoms require that the individual be transported out of camp and requires testing. Call 1-844-645-7811 for direction.

Pod arrangements/teaching

  • Crews should maintain the pods they have been allocated and not move between cabins.
  • Normal occupancy for meetings/classroom sessions can be maintained. Masks are still recommended to be worn.