Information for faculty and staff

Preparing for course delivery alternatives

Faculty are working with Chairs and students to provide alternate modes of course delivery. We have some flexibility for small-group activities that are in line with recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer.

Final exams will not be conducted in a face-to-face format. Faculty, Chairs and Deans will work on alternate modes of assessment and communicate with students.

If faculty need assistance regarding virtual delivery, or support for other course delivery alternatives, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) is available to provide additional levels of support. If you have any questions, please contact your Program Chair, Dean or Anne Sommerfeld, Director of the CTLT. Unit leads and Chairs should work with faculty to clearly communicate their plans to their students.

Support from the CTLT

The response from our faculty in moving to alternative modes of course delivery has been outstanding to date. As we move through the semester, we move closer to our new reality of the exam period. The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology issued a request earlier today for faculty to support preparations for alternative modes of assessment.

The CTLT is asking instructors for their plans for final assessments. If you are planning a scheduled exam online or through an alternative method, the Office of the Registrar and Academic Resource Centre need this information to support student success. As remarkable as the CTLT team has been throughout this situation, they are human, and will need 72 hours to help with online exam creation. Please send the course name, CRN and your choice of final assessment to 

To receive assistance from the CTLT
  1. Watch for announcements of webinars
  2. Email the CTLT at with the name of your course and section in the subject line.

Share your knowledge

Please consider sharing your knowledge in online pedagogies with your faculty colleagues and students who may reach out. If you are unsure of the correct response to these questions, please refer the individual or send the question directly to the CTLT.

Course shells

Every course this semester has an associated section in Blackboard available to students and instructors. You do not need to request a course shell. Should you teach multiple sections of the same course but you would now prefer a unified link for all of the course sections, please contact the CTLT with the relevant information at

Alternate delivery methods

For considerations for alternate delivery methods, please see this checklist of common classroom techniques and associated options in Blackboard. Collaborate is a powerful tool available in your course shells for interacting with students. Many free apps available on the internet do not meet the standards of the FOIPPA for B.C.. Please check with the CTLT before asking students to use such apps. We may have some better, legal solutions.

Course material orders from UNBC Bookstore

The UNBC Bookstore continues to provide course materials through the UNBC Bookstore website. Every effort is made to have orders shipped Canada Post the following business day. If the title hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll be notified when it is expected. Local delivery is up to 3 business days, usually 3-5 for most other BC postal codes. Free Canada Post Standard shipping is offered while the store front is closed. 

The UNBC Bookstore website is updated often and has the newest information we have.

Questions, concerns or comments? We’d love to hear from you!


Exceptional circumstances

Some situations, such as labs and practicums, present a challenge. We do have some flexibility regarding in-person attendance in these cases, based on guidance from public health officials. To facilitate this, faculty can work with Program Chairs, Deans and the Safety and Security office to ensure a safe learning environment for all involved. Faculty must approve their plans for these exceptional circumstances with the Deans.

Research activities

Researchers are encouraged to suspend on-campus operations and to undertake research work that can be done at home (e.g. literature reviews, development of manuscripts).

Researchers who must continue working on campus are required to practice social distancing.

Tri-council grants

There is considerable encouragement from the tri-agencies to continue compensation of research personnel (e.g., students, post-docs, research assistants) where funding is available and activities can be carried out that are consistent with public health authority directives.

The tri-agencies will be communicating in the coming days regarding other measures that will be taken to support institutions, in addition to the extension of grant and other deadlines. At this point NSERC and SSHRC will allow grant funds to cover costs of salaries/stipends of individuals unable to work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, if no other sources are available. However, they have not committed to providing additional funds to cover the work that does not get done.

Essential laboratory work

Essential laboratory work can proceed as long as:

  • Social distancing requirements are followed
  • Research personnel are made aware of hygiene requirements

Compliance should be monitored by supervisors, and should be notified as to who will be working in labs to ensure sufficient supports are provided.

Researchers are encouraged to recognize that at short notice the university may have to suspend operations, and to make plans accordingly.

Essential field work

Essential field work may also proceed if transportation can be managed to be in compliance with social distancing requirements. Unfortunately this means research personnel may need to travel in separate vehicles and find ways to maintain the appropriate distance and hygiene.

Expenses related to COVID-19 pandemic

We have been asked by government to track expenses that are directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic (example extra fuel cost for separate research vehicles), therefore when coding for research expenditures, please code these to COV19 in the PROG code.

Hiring research personnel

Given the potential for the campus to fully close except for critical services, if you are in the process of hiring summer students or other research personnel, it is imperative that you inform them that should more strict directives on closing campus, or travel outside the home (for example) be imposed, they may not be able to continue their work, and the position may be terminated.

For additional information on research activities, please visit the Office of Research website. Please reach out to the Office of Research at should you have questions.


There have been no changes to payroll processing. In accordance with the mandate for social distancing and because many are working from home, you can submit your Timesheets, Leave forms, and Additional Hours/Overtime forms by email to Please ensure you are using your UNBC email address to submit approved payroll forms.

Fillable forms for the Time sheet, Leave Form, and Additional Hours/Overtime Form can be downloaded on the pay information forms page.

How can I complete my hourly time sheet and submit to Payroll?

Complete the fillable PDF timesheet, email your completed time sheet to your supervisor who can review and forward to with their approval. The regular bi-weekly Friday deadline for timesheets has not changed.

Do salaried employees have to submit time sheets in order to be paid?

No, pay will continue for your regular full time or part time weekly hours.  Additional part time hours or approved overtime hours should be reported on the normal Additional Hours/Overtime form.

How can I submit an Additional Hours/Overtime form to Payroll?

Complete the fillable Additional Hours/Overtime form, email your completed form to your supervisor, who can review and forward to with their approval. 

Note to Budget Holders: Use of the Program Code COV19 is only for hours worked directly related to COVID-19 response activities and is for tracking purposes only.

How do I submit a sick leave form that is greater than 7 calendar days and/or includes a doctor’s note?

Forward these sick leave forms to Shelley McKenzie in Human Resources at Please do not send these forms to the general Payroll email.

How do I submit a leave form for new, changed or cancelled leave?

Please email your completed leave form to your supervisor, who will then forward the form to with their approval. Please only send leave forms by email OR by internal mail, not both.

What do I do if I need to apply for Employment Insurance?

If you are directly affected by COVID-19 and your employment earnings will be reduced, interrupted or will cease, please send your request for a record of employment (ROE) to with the subject: ROE Request

2020 Tax year and work from home expenses information

As a result of the pandemic, many of you have been working from home and have questions on how to claim Work-from-Home expenses for the 2020 tax year.

The Canada Revenue Agency has introduced a simplified process for claiming home office expenses called the Temporary flat rate method. Thanks to this, very few employees at UNBC will require a form T2200S - Declaration of Conditions of Employment for Working at Home Due to COVID-19.

The Canadian Payroll Association has created a guide that answers many questions and includes some helpful examples and links to tools to assist you in estimating a detailed work-from-home expense claim.  

If after reviewing the information, you choose to use the simplified method, you do not require a T2200S form or any other documentation from UNBC.  If you decide to make a detailed claim, you will need to complete an Attestation Form and return to to request a T2200S.

Parking information

  • Pay parking is in effect at the Prince George Campus
  • In order to reduce face-to-face interactions, parking services have temporarily suspended the issuance of hang tag permits
  • Payroll deductions will not resume at this time, all persons parking on campus need to pay for the hours/days/weeks/months that they park
  • For more information see UNBC Parking