Support services

If You're Sick

Please do a daily health assessment before coming to campus. UNBC community members (students, faculty, and staff) should stay home if experiencing flu-like symptoms.  
If you are sick with flu-like symptoms or have symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Stay home and let your professor/instructor know about your absence. Be sure to discuss possible arrangements for missed classes or assignments with them.
  • Follow BCCDC guidance for how to self-monitor and self-isolate. 

If you begin to experience any flu-like symptoms while at UNBC:

  • Isolate.
  • Use the BC thrive self-assessment and follow the instructions.
  • Follow BCCDC guidance for how to self-monitor and self-isolate. 
  • Let your professor/instructor know that you are going home sick or are required to self-isolate.

If your symptoms worsen, please contact your family physician. You can also call 811 or the Northern Health Virtual Primary and Community Care Clinic at 1-844-645-7811.

As a student, if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, follow the guidelines and directions from BC Centre for Disease Control and/or your health practitioner. 

Testing Guidance

A COVID-19 test is not recommended by Northern Health if:

  • You have no symptoms, even if you are in close contact with someone who has tested positive.
  • You are fully vaccinated (two doses), experiencing mild symptoms and can manage your illness at home. Self-isolate for five days. Notify your close contacts so they can self-monitor for symptoms.

A COVID-19 test is recommended if:

  • You have symptoms, and:
    • You are at higher risk of severe illness.
    • You identify with a high risk setting such as health-care workers, first responders, residents of congregate settings, or live in a remote or rural community. 

More details about COVID-19 symptoms, testing and self-isolation, and self-assessment may be found on the Northern Health website.

If you feel unwell and are unsure about your symptoms, contact your health care provider or call 8-1-1. If you test positive or have symptoms of COVID-19, follow public health guidance on how to self-isolate. Do not attend campus until your self-isolation period ends.

The BCCDC’s current recommendation is to not get tested if you have mild symptoms and are fully vaccinated. This preserves testing capacity for higher-risk environments. If you have mild symptoms, stay home and away from others for five days. If you no longer have a fever or symptoms you can return to work.

Rapid Test Availability

UNBC has received its delivery of rapid test kits and distribution is underway to the community. Tests will be available for all students and employees who are on campus and providing in-person service, teaching, conducting research, receiving service or attending classes.

Each of you will receive a carton of five rapid test kits. The kits are provided for symptomatic testing of employees and students; they are not meant for asymptomatic screening.

  • Prince George campus: Kits will be provided to faculty and staff through your department/programs.
  • Regional campuses and sites: Expect delivery this week for faculty, staff and students.
  • Housing Students: The housing office will notify you regarding the distribution of your kits.
  • Graduate students: Collect your kits from the NBCGSS lounge (availability and times to be communicated by NBCGSS)
  • Undergraduate students: Collect your kits from the NUGSS office (availability and times to be communicated by NUGSS)

Helpful links:

How to use a BTNX rapid test kit  

What to do after testing positive including isolation requirements and reporting your test results.

Support Services for Students

UNBC and the Province of British Columbia have many mental health supports available for students. Regardless of what your concern may be (e.g., stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, interpersonal conflict, substance misuse/abuse, disordered eating, time management, etc.) please reach out. You do not need to suffer alone. 

UNBC Counselling

  • UNBC Counselling is open for in-person service. 

After-hours mental health support

  • here2talk: Confidential 24/7 single session counselling for registered Post-secondary students in B.C.
  • EmpowerMe: Confidential 24/7 multiple session counselling for students enrolled in Studentcare coverage.

Urgent mental health support

  • 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-888-562-1214
  • UNBC Security for students on campus: 250-960-7058
  • Emergency: 911

BCcampus: Adapting to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people may experience feelings of heightened anxiety, stress, isolation, and more – and this is a natural response to unprecedented times like these.  

To help students, staff, and faculty in the B.C. public post-secondary sector, BCcampus has created a website that addresses the need for mental health supports. All resources developed by BCcampus are openly licensed and published with accessibility in mind. 

In partnership with experts across the province, BCcampus will host webinars on topics like effective online learning, mental health, and resilience. All events will be recorded and stored on the website for those unable to attend.

Please visit Adapting to COVID-19 to learn more, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date, and help share this resource.


The Government of British Columbia has launched Here2Talk, a new mental health counselling and referral service for post-secondary students. The service offers confidential, free, single-session services by app, phone or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Medical Clinic

  • Service is available either in person, phone or video conference.

Phone: 250-960-6370

Northern Health Virtual Clinic

The Northern Health Virtual Clinic provides primary and community care services by phone or through a video call. The COVID-19 Online Clinic is now the Northern Health Virtual Clinic, and the phone number remains the same. The Virtual Clinic continues to provide COVID-19 assessments for those experiencing symptoms.

Patients can call the Virtual Clinic to access a family doctor or nurse practitioner:

Phone: 1-844-645-7811
Hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily (including weekends and statutory holidays)

The Virtual Clinic works with your family doctor, nurse practitioner, and health care team to complement the care you receive in your community, or to provide support for those who don’t have a family doctor.

For more information please visit the Northern Health website

Access Resource Centre (ARC)

  • The Access Resource Centre is open for in-person service.

Phone: 250-960-5775